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Research shows that exercising for 35 minutes a day can actually reduce the risk of depression

Research from Harvard University And the Massachusetts Hospital (MGH) found that taking a little time every day to exercise can help boost immunity against depression. The research report was published in the Journal of Depression and Anxiety Medicine. In early November last (2020), stating that those who exercise several hours a day or a week are at risk of developing symptoms of depression more than usual while keeping the same people. The risk of being depressed is also high.

Lead researcher Karmel Choi said: “Our study clearly shows that The body is moving on a regular basis. It can help reduce the risk of depression. including those who are more at risk of this condition than others.”

She suggests getting about 35 minutes of physical activity a day can easily reduce your depression risk by choosing activities that you enjoy. whether it is a serious jogging Or do static exercises like playing, yoga, or stretching. The study also found that for every four hours of increased physical activity per week, Reduces the risk of depression by 17%.

The study collected electronic health data from about 8,000 participants at Massachusetts hospitals.

According to the survey, two-thirds of working-age people have evidence of depression while at work. In order to reduce the risk of harm both physically and mentally Don’t forget to suggest that friends, siblings, and siblings sit next to each other to move their bodies during the day.

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