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The world where you and I are so close

The world where you and I are so close
Other names: 我和你差之微毫的世界
Author: BeiQing
Genre: Novel, Romance Novels
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Do you understand?

The kind of love where one person is the center of the world.

Maybe you think this kind of relationship is absurd,

But when Wen Shaoyuan walked into her vision,

It was destined that she would chase him all her life.

Others asked her, where does this obsession come from?

Perhaps it was his eyes that were as distant and quiet as a distant mountain when they first met.

Maybe it was the first time that he held her hand and took her away from the abyss.

Perhaps he has never given up on her, and these are enough for her to deliver for a lifetime.

This is a healing story, there will be entanglements, there will be withdrawal,

But more is his protection of his favor, her courage and her invincibility.


Sequence (The world where you)
Chapter 1 (The world where you)
Chapter 2 (The world where you)
Chapter 3 (The world where you)
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