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Beauty on Two Sides: Ex-husband, do you still have the appointment?

Beauty on Two Sides: Ex-husband, do you still have the appointment?
Other names: 双面佳人:前夫,还约吗?
Author: Shimizu a demon
Genre: Novel, Modern Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


[President Mengbao/Revenge/Sweet first after abuse] In order to get revenge, he gambled with love to lure her into a plaything wantonly. Cruelly calculated, she was pregnant with her body and was mercilessly pushed into the cold seabed. She came back gorgeously after changing her face, and he blocked her in the corner: “You are Bai Su!” Her red lips tick lightly: “Sir, your method of teasing sisters is too old-fashioned.” He chased her wildly and confusedly. Clear who is whose prey and who is whose plaything. He held a grand wedding for her, and the officiant asked her: “Are you willing to marry Mr. Mo Jiuling?” She took off her veil and sneered. In this revenge game, she can finally say: “I don’t want to, I will crawl for sister!”

Role: Lin Menglin, Sister Lin


Chapter 1 You have a little white face
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