The Penthouse (Season 3) – 펜트하우스 3

The Penthouse (Season 3) – 펜트하우스 3 –
Other names: The Penthouse S3, The Penthouse Season 3, The Penthouse: War in Life 3, The Penthouse Ⅲ : War in life, The Penthouse III : War in life, Penteuhauseu Sijeun 3, Penteu Hauseu 3, 펜트하우스 III, 펜트하우스3
Genre(s): Suspense, Thriller, Crime, Drama, Family
Release: Jun 4, 2021 – Aug 13, 2021
Runtime: Friday
Episode(s): 11
Country: Korea
Broadcast: SBS
Director(s): Joo Dong Min
Writer(s): Kim Soon Ok
Cast: Lee Ji Ah, Kim So Yun, Eugene


Su Ryeon finally takes revenge on the residents of Hera Palace. They lost all of their money by investing in Cheonsoo District, and even worse, they stand before the court for covering up Seol A’s death. Those greedy residents of Hera Palace who caught themselves in their own traps end up losing their fortunes, reputations, and everything they had, and Su Ryeon succeeds in getting her revenge on Dan Tae who tried to kill her. When Su Ryeon thought the nightmare is finally over, she witnesses Logan’s death right before her eyes. Who could have planned to murder Logan, and what will happen to the residents of Hera Palace next? Their desire for revenge is not over yet.

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