“The Eternal Love 3” Drama – Why did the queen marry Mo Liancheng to Xiaotan

“The Eternal Love 3” (双世宠妃3) seems to have added a lot of suspense elements, the queen always feels that she is uneasy and kind, and has a defensive heart against Qu Xiaotan. Originally, the queen and Mo Liancheng had an ambiguous relationship, but the queen took the initiative to reward Qu Xiaotan with Mo Liancheng. Will the queen be so generous? Of course, the heroine Liang Jie has revealed the position of the queen in advance. She and Qu Xiaotan are opposites. relationship. In addition, Liang Jie also played the third role Qu Xiangtan, she should also be a very important role in the play.

  1. Is the queen good or bad
    It is reported that the queen is the villain.

In addition to the queen’s role in promoting the development of the plot, she also hides many secrets. In the beginning, Mo Liancheng did not have any connection with the second princess, but was very close to the queen. The relationship between the two people was imaginative. After all, the queen and the second princess Qu Tan’er had almost the same appearance.

With the appearance of Qu Xiaotan, the empress gave up the idea of ​​taking Mo Liancheng into the harem and married Mo Liancheng to Qu Xiaotan. Her move also made people wonder whether this was a conspiracy. Is it right to let Mo Liancheng marry the second princess in peace between the two, or use Qu Xiaotan to uncover the conspiracy of the Mo family?

The queen used the emperor’s order to test the ambitions of Qu Xiaotan and Mo Liancheng. The queen thought that Qu Xiaotan’s marriage to Mo Liancheng was unkind, and she and Xiao Zhen discussed the mysterious ceremony three months later. It was also very mysterious. The queen would not use it. Will Qu Xiaotan complete his festival?

Therefore, the fact that the queen asked Qu Xiaotan to train in the palace has become very suspicious. After all, there are two princesses, and suddenly only arranged for Xiaotan to train alone, which always feels ulterior motive.

  1. The relationship between the Queen and Mo Liancheng
    There must be a relationship between the empress and Mo Liancheng that we haven’t discovered yet. After all, the two are so close, how could it be possible to reluctantly cut love and marry Mo Liancheng to Qu Xiaotan, and the mysterious lover that the empress said before said Maybe it has a great relationship with Mo Liancheng, otherwise the queen will not be upset because of Mo Liancheng and cause the old illness to recur.

There is also a mysterious figure Qu Xiangtan, she is currently the most mysterious existence. Some people suspect that the empress has two souls in one person because of the influence of the Soul Calming Orb. The existence of Qu Xiaotan and the mysterious sacrifice three months later might be the queen’s purpose to separate Qu Xiangtan from her body.

Or maybe there is some other connection between the empress and this mysterious Quxiang Tan. With the development of the plot, this mysterious figure should meet us soon.