What is the finale of “Wolf Hunter (猎狼者)”


The TV series “The Wolf Hunter” co-starred by Qin Hao and Yin Fang is a short drama with only eight episodes. In the long-length TV series of 50 or 60 episodes that have been broadcast in recent years, it seems very different. It is developed by telling the fierce competition between forest police officers and forest hunters. This drama has a finale, and the 7th and 8th episodes leading to the finale need to be paid to be on-demand. The two episodes are 120 minutes long, and Wei Jiang is caught with his bare hands, and the wolves are caught in one pot.

Uncover the true cause of the death of the flower dealer’s husband Samu

Samu is the husband of Huafanzi, and Huafanzi was originally because this man became a wolf and became a member of the Harrier team. Hua Fanzi always thought that her husband was killed by Wei Jiang. For five years, Wei Jiang has been like a needle, pierced in her heart. Revenge has become the only motivation for her to live. It is not difficult to see that Hua Fanzi loves her husband deeply.

However, there was another person who killed Samu, and the drug Harrier misled everyone’s sight, making Wei Jiang an heinous enemy. The murderer who killed Samu was the drug harrier. Samu proposed to do it alone. When the drug harrier did not agree, he was intent on killing. He thought that by solving this, other people would be able to use it for him.

He was wrong. None of the six people in the team really wanted to follow him. The reason why they could stick to it was only for living, for money, and for family.

When Wei Jiang saw Hua Fanzi, he carefully recounted the shooting process of Samu that year, and raised doubts. Samu was shot and killed by a submachine gun, while Wei Jiang used a pistol and the muzzle was not correct. The only person with that type of submachine gun is the Harrier. Facts have proved that the drug harrier is not only bad, but also very scheming. At the moment when the truth came to light, Huafanzi suddenly felt distressed. It is not easy for a single mother to live a strong life even after a woman loses her backbone. It has been used for so many years, but it did not get the desired ending. In the end, the family was destroyed and there was nothing left.

“One pot end” Langziwo

Wei Jiang reached a consensus with Huafanzi, Fox, and Liuzi to suppress the drug Harrier. He could feel that the last few survivors of the six-member group could already predict that he would never go back again. Just like Wei said, it’s not death. It’s the squatting chant in the second half of life.

The drug Harrier also understands that the seemingly harmonious small team will fly separately in the face of disaster. Without true unity, it will all be scattered. Wei Jiang had already made a plan. He found out the background and past of the drug harrier. The drug harrier once killed his brother and was cruel and merciless. He asked Qin Chuan to go back in advance to notify the police, tell him the time and place, and at the right time, he took the poison harrier’s nest in a pot.

The drug Harrier finally died in the place where Zhao Cheng had sacrificed. This is a very meaningful scene. It took Wei Jiang so many years to finally get justice for his brother.

Wei Jiang and the poison harrier were singled out in the snow. It was really cool, especially after Wei Jiang used his own modified “mouse trap” to clamp the poison harrier, it hurt him to roll all over the floor.

The finale also revealed that the second child was calculated by the boss’s back shot. At that time, the boss was actually greedy for money and wanted to monopolize all the money, so he deliberately left clues to let Wei and Jiang follow up, but he did not expect the snow to seal the mountain. There was a problem with the plan, and the boss could only calculate a second child, and did not let more people stay in the snow-capped mountains.

The youngest knife was in a fight and was hit by the brothers. From his appearance to the end, he was a very interesting character. He was also the only person who witnessed the boss sneer at the second. In five years, the boss may not know it at all. The sixth child wanted to get rid of the second child. In addition to the selfishness of the sixth child, there were also hints from the boss. If it weren’t for the last moment, it would be difficult to analyze these things.

The fourth eldest Huafanzi was hit when he was chasing the boss. The play didn’t specifically say whether Huafanzi was alive or not, but seeing Huafanzi’s child and his sister’s smile should have a relatively satisfactory ending. The fifth fox was bombed by the detonator of the seventh, and the two of them were killed together.

The sixth child was internally injured by the boss, and was finally captured alive. Seeing the sixth child’s last smile is actually a kind of relief in his heart. The internal strife has made him exhausted, and after being hunted down, he escaped soon.

In the final ending of “The Wolf Hunter”, Wei Jiang came to the noodle restaurant opened by Zhao Cheng’s wife. This time he could eat this bowl of noodles with peace of mind. He finally completed his mission and found himself again.

The whole play seems to have no slots on the whole, and the plot is very meticulous. Not only is the whole play tense, there are also many places where tears can be pierced, and the finale is also very happy.