God of War Princess: Evil King, come hard

God of War Princess: Evil King, come hard
Other names: 战神枭妃:邪王,来硬的
Author: Zhan Qiye
Genre: Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


She is the world’s top secret agent god of war, hot body, shocking face, black belly, cruel, ruthless, and a knife hidden in her smile, the domineering queen of the secret agent team! In the previous life, he was betrayed by his beloved, and he died tragically. Once he passed through, his soul returned to another world! Was retired by a scumbag? Bullied by a concubine? Known as the first waste of Starry Night Continent? She Qi Zhiran couldn’t bear it!

All the way to abuse the scumbag, abuse the white lotus, kill all the people who bear her! The elixir of magic potion, come here at your fingertips! Killing in a lifetime, watching the world! Divine beast in hand, defying the world as a phoenix! It’s just, why is there always a wicked man behind her, who is pure and precious and elegant, not only robs her of the limelight everywhere.