How is the finale of “The Eternal Love 3”

As a web drama, “The Eternal Love” can accumulate so many fans to become a small hit, which shows that the audience of this drama is very good. In the sweet pet drama, “The Eternal Love” has a place. And being able to continue to shoot the sequel, the results are as good as ever, and it proves that the show is really popular, then it is reasonable to strike while the iron is hot to obtain greater commercial value.

The first part of “The Eternal Love” only went online for 18 hours, and the ratings exceeded 100 million. The second part took even less time and broke 100 million in just 1 hour. With such a result, after the third part went live, the ratings It can be said that the rate is not a problem at all. The fans are looking forward to it for a long time.

A sweet pet drama can make people so top, it must have its merits. Liang Jie and Xing Zhaolin have a strong sense of cp. They don’t have a sense of disobedience at all when they don’t agree with each other, but make people feel sweet. , This one naturally needs acting skills to express.

After the third part goes live, fans should have a familiar feeling, because its plot is similar to that of “The Rumored Chen Qianqian”. It is based on the premise of crossing, and it is based on the background of female superiority and male inferiority. Unfolding story.

Regarding the heroine Qu Tan’er and the hero Mo Liancheng, they are the soul characters of the whole show and the main source of sweet pets. All kinds of high-energy kiss scenes will definitely make you toothless. Don’t think about their endings, they must be in pairs. There are good things in pairs, so how do the other three female characters end up? Let us take a look.

Jing Xin is Qu Tan’er’s personal maid. She has high martial arts skills, clever and alert, and affectionate and affectionate sisters with Qu Tan’er master and servant. After the soul-suppressing orb changes, she also passes through and becomes a master in the inner world, protecting Qu. Tan’er’s safety. There must be a lot of dramatic dangers for the heroine after crossing. It can be said that it is very necessary to have a caring bodyguard by her side, because she is a god assist between Qu Tan’er and Mo Liancheng.

For such a pleasing role, her ending is quite satisfactory. In the end, she married the handsome fourteenth prince Mo Jingxuan, completely changed her destiny and became the supreme princess. I have to say that her ending is The most unexpected and the most blessed in the whole show, good people have good rewards!

In the third part of Mo Fengyang, she is the daughter of the Mo family and the younger sister of Mo Liancheng. She has been well-loved since she was a child. However, she didn’t have the temperament of Miss Jiao, but an open-minded and open-minded personality. Like a boy, she likes to make contributions. This is what sets her apart from other women.

Because the Dongyue Kingdom is a system where women are superior to men, Mo Fengyang has a somewhat feminine temperament. Her mind is not on the personal relationships of her children, but she aspires to become the country’s pillar talent, as a brave female general. In the end, she became Qu Tan’er’s right-hand man, made contributions, and fulfilled her wish.

Mo Fengyang’s ideals coincide with the newly emerging modern women. Career success is often something that makes women feel more secure. Anyone who is serious about a career is the most handsome, so I think, Mo Fengyang is the most admirable woman in the play.

The endings of the above three female characters are all satisfactory, the remaining one is not so good, she is the princess with curly eyebrows. Although she is both talented and beautiful in reading poetry and books, she has a high personality and is not easy to get along with. Because of love, she is on the road of blackening. This is her fate.

In addition to the contradictions of the struggle for imperial power, there are also emotional entanglements between Qu Mei and Qu Tan’er. She fell in love with Mo Yanshen, so she became jealous. With these two irreconcilable contradictions, it is reasonable for them to become mortal enemies.

The ending is also very obvious. Qumeier’s mechanism has been exhausted but it has fallen short. What she did has not been loved by Mo Yanshen, and she has also lost her precious family affection, and she has a loveless end. This can only be blamed on her. Own character and ambition.