What is the adaptation of “Zhong Zi”

“Zhong Zi” is an ancient costume fairy drama produced by Julang Film and Television. The show was broadcast on Tencent Video. The play is adapted from the novel of the same name by Shu Ke. It tells the story of the love between the two generations of master and disciple, who was born and destined to fall in love with Zhong Zi, a girl who was born with evil spirits and was destined to fall in love with Luo Yinfan.

“Chong Zi” is a book published by Jiangsu Literature and Art Publishing House in 2011. The author is Shu Ke. It mainly tells the story of the love between Luo Yinfan and Zhongzi.

“Do you want me to forgive you, unless the Nanhua landslide and the four seas are exhausted.” When he finally walked towards her with his arms outstretched, she just laughed, without joy, without expectation, just standing there laughing. Two students and apprentices, three generations to become demons, vicissitudes of life, deep affection, love and hate? Why don’t you make him go to the South Huashan Mountain, and the four seas are exhausted? What is the plan to live in immortals and demons? I’m most afraid of looking back, clear sky and blue moon, when I go back, I hug each other for a moment, this heart is toward the long river, if the stars are bright, hate chasing waves…

brief introduction
Saw the six realms, peerless elegance, he is the supreme and majestic Venerable of the Immortal Gate, he is aloof, he can be looked up to and admired by others, but he will never be touched or obtained.

In the dark, she walked towards him ignorantly and became his apprentice. He was born with evil spirits and was destined to be demonized, and he couldn’t practice spells. It didn’t matter, as long as he could be by his side. But she couldn’t help but fell in love with him, helpless and desperate, looking at him, dare not look up, and couldn’t help but look up.

Just want to be by his side and stay with him forever. Destiny is not so compassionate, the grievances between immortals and demons have not ended, everything has just begun!

About the Author
Shuke, a native of Chongqing, started his novel writing in 2007. He is committed to the creation of novels with unconventional romance, martial arts, fantasy and other complex structures. His styles and themes are varied, and he pursues complete stories in his works. Published works “Falling Flowers”, “Bride of Destiny”, “Through the Martial Arts Strange Biography”, “Luoyue Jianghu”, “A Thousand Gold Spread and Return”, “Through the Sky Thunder Part One”, “Flying to the Moon” “Wait.

Related adaptations
“Heavy purple” cartoon of the same name

The comic of the same name of “Zhong Zi” was exclusively authorized by the original author Shu Ke, edited and drawn by Manhe Workshop Comics Studio, and was registered in the 17th issue of “Yi Man” in December 2015.


The girl who was born with a foul and destined to become a demon, passed many tests to go to Qinghua to learn from her, but no one wanted to accept her. She ignorantly walked towards the supreme Chonghua Venerable of the Immortal Gate, and became the apprentice of Luo Yinfan, who looked at the six realms, peerlessly graceful, and exalted, but never touched or obtained, and was gifted by him Name-heavy purple.

Chong Zi couldn’t practice the spells, she wanted to stay with her master and protect him, but she gradually fell in love with him unable to extricate herself. He didn’t dare to look up, and couldn’t help but look up.

In her first life, she was designed to frame her, but he hurt her as a killer;

In the second life, when they meet again and become masters and apprentices again, the grievances between the immortal and demons are still not over.

He said: Chonger, I will protect you. However, the vicissitudes of life are no more than a momentary change in people’s hearts… He forced her into the devil’s way and sacrificed herself to the sword; “Do you want me to forgive you? Unless the Nanhua landslide, the four seas are exhausted.” Two students, master and apprentice, three generations, become a devil, , Inquiry is shallow, deep, love and hate?

Brief introduction to the TV drama of the same name in “Zhong Zi”

In the catastrophe of the six worlds, the Demon Sovereign was annihilated against the wheel, and the Demon Clan collapsed and escaped into the world.

Chung Zi is pure and kind, but she is the daughter of the opposite wheel. She was saved by the immortal Chu Bufu and determined to go to Nanhua to study, but she was turned away because of her natural evil spirit. Nanhua Supervisor Min Yun affirmed that she would become a demon. At the critical moment, the Venerable Luo Yinfan stepped forward to accept her as his disciple, and from then on he became the only disciple of Luo Yinfan. Zhong Zi relied on Luo Yinfan, and only wished to accompany him from time to time. Luo Yinfan also promised to protect Zhong Zi well. However, unable to resist the demon clan’s conspiracy, Luo Yinfan saw that Zhong Zi was imprisoned but could not do anything, and had to “finish” her personally for the people of the world.

Within the fairy gate, Zhong Zi once again appeared in Nanhua to apprentice. Luo Yinfan recognized her at a glance. In order to protect her, he sealed her evil spirit and kept her by his side, and the two continued their relationship between master and apprentice. However, the fate was tossing, and Zhong Zi still could not escape the manipulation of the hearted people, becoming a target of public criticism, and fell into the devil’s way in a rage. It turned out that Zhong Zi was the daughter of the former Demon Venerable Nilun, who was born with evil spirits and was destined to become a demon.

Fate teases, one is the Venerable Chonghua who is responsible for saving the world and the common people, and the other is the blood of the demon race who is born with evil spirits. They love each other helplessly, helplessly kill each other, and their masters and disciples are opposed, but it is difficult to break the love. Destiny is never merciful, the grievances between the fairy and the devil never end, everything is just beginning. Can this two-way relationship shake the rules of heaven and earth?