Who is the starring role in “Zhong Zi”

Helpless in love, helpless to kill each other, master and disciple opposing, but the love is unbreakable. The heavy purple Yang surpasses, Luo Yinfan Xu Zhengxi Jeremy Jones’ fate is circulating, grievances are difficult to understand, what will happen to her and him?

“Zhong Zi” is adapted from the novel of the same name by the famous novelist Shu Ke. It will be adapted into two modes of TV series and movie. “Chong Zi” revolves around the legendary love between Luo Yinfan and Chong Zi. The main storyline of this story is somewhat similar to the TV series “Flower Thousand Bone” in the fire in 2015.

Luo Yinfan, a Chonghua Venerable who enjoys the supreme treatment in the immortal gate, a supreme leader of the six realms that makes people suddenly produce the hopeless and impossibly high; Chongzi, a carefree living in his own world The worried little elf, a graceful girl who has never been in the world; by chance, Zhong Zi met the lofty Luo Yinfan and became his apprentice. However, because Zhong Zi was born with evil spirits, he would enter the magic way and could not practice magic skills. However, what does this matter? As far as Yu Zhongzi is concerned, her pursuit is to stay with Luo Yinfan. However, since ancient times, immortals and demons have been incompatible. Therefore, the road of love between Luo Yinfan, who is an immortal family, and Zhongzi, who is gradually entering the demon world, will be extremely bumpy…

He is the supreme Venerable Chonghua and the first of the immortal gates. He lives in the Zizhufeng Chonghua Palace. He has cultivated into a golden immortal body. His name is Luo Yinfan. She is just a poor little girl whose parents have died. She is thin and small. Everyone calls her a little bug. She is born with evil spirits. She is destined to not be able to practice fairy skills. Fate judges that she will become a demon. However, she is stubborn and never admit defeat. There are definite numbers in it. She unexpectedly passed the test and was accepted by Luo Yinfan as the only apprentice. One is an unnamed woman who fell into the mud of the clouds. She has a name since then. She is named Zhongzi, named after the Chonghua Palace and Zizhu Peak.

The female protagonist Zhong Zi was born with a bad temper. When she went to Qinghua to learn from her, no one wanted to accept him, but the male protagonist Luo Yinfan accepted her. The two got along day and night. Zhong Zi fell in love with her master, but she was framed by someone from the demon world. In the end, the master had to kill her with his own hands. This is the first life. In the second life, she reunited with her master, Luo Yinfan accepted her as a disciple again because of guilt, and his feelings became deeper day and night. After the heroine became a demon, the two faced each other, but they were very abusive, and the hero gradually realized his feelings for the heroine.

One immortal and one devil, sadomasochism. If she had never met him, maybe she was just a carefree elf living in her own world. If you didn’t fall in love with him, perhaps her world is still full of unworldly happiness. However, with just a glance, she couldn’t help but fall in love with the supreme Supreme Being of the Nine Heavens. For her, he is her unattainable dream. From beginning to end, she could only look at him from a distance, silently looking at him in the most humble corner.