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Introduction to the Dutch city of Eindhoven

Eindhoven is a city full of innovation, it is also the fourth largest industrial city in the Netherlands, and one of the four largest high-tech settlements in Europe. The high-tech park in Eindhoven is the home base of many large companies. There are more than 5,000 businessmen from more than 50 countries. The economic network there induces many high-tech achievements, and the compact disk is also developed there. At the same time, Eindhoven is also the abbreviation of Eindhoven Football Club.

Located in the city of Eindhoven in the south of the Netherlands, it is one of Europe’s leading technology centers. Eindhoven is strategically located in the long-standing technology center of Western Europe. It is the fifth largest city in the Netherlands and ranked first in the field of technology. It has been the base of Philips electronics research and development facilities for more than a century. Due to its strategic location in the center of European science and technology, Eindhoven has established close ties with multinational companies such as Philips and DSM in the world, and attaches great importance to modern information and communication technology. At the same time, the Dutch car manufacturer DAF also has a factory in Eindhoven.

Eindhoven has many dining and entertainment venues for tourists of different tastes. Stratumseind ​​is the center of the city’s entertainment belt. There are more than 50 coffee shops and restaurants in it. It is based on the typical Brabant (a province of Belgium). The style of dining is well-known, but there are cloth-style shadows in Wilheminaplein, Bergen, Markt, Stationsplein, and Dommelstraat, attracting thousands of tourists every week. Kleine Berg, Dommelstraat, and Wilheminaplein are also worth a visit.

Grand Cafe Berlage, Kleine Berg 16 is probably the most famous one in town. It is also famous for its dining and music, and it has great influence. The Grand Cafe Centraa at Markt 8 is equally attractive. De Rechter, Stratumseind ​​32 is very primitive. It is located on an old court site with restaurants and concert halls. Van Mol is located on the 14th road, where the sings and dances are intoxicating.

Place of interest
When it comes to Eindhoven, people always think of Guangming. It is the place where light bulbs are produced. In 1891, Girard Philips and Anton Philips founded their “empire”. Although time has passed, today’s engineers and designers are Still working here to study the latest optical technology.

The Art Center, on the original site of the Philips Lamp Factory, has a series of paintings and other artworks on display with artificial light sources as the theme.

The glorious factory, in the same site as the art center, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the manufacturing method of modern electric lights a century ago.

City Hall, this is the center of the city, the famous mayor and councillor’s office building is located here. It hosts almost all activities from parties to weddings. This is also the location of the Event Launch of the UEFA Cup on February 1.

The museum, which has collected a large number of modern artworks, was reopened in 2003 and exhibited classic works by Picasso and others. The architectural style of the museum is also unique, and its location on the banks of the Dommel River adds a lot to it.

The students and graduates of Eindhoven University of Technology have brought young people to Eindhoven, with a vibrant cultural scene. When you go out, you can see a large number of bars in the Market Square, Stratumseind ​​(Stratum’s End), Dommelstraat, and Wilhelmina Square, which run through the entire city.

The Italian-style square is a new face. You will find many popular commercial squares, gift shops and comfortable dining places here. The lighting resources and the top Italian architectural style are used wisely. Massimiliano Fuksas creates a good atmosphere.

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