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How to make lanterns?

As soon as the Lantern Festival arrives, lanterns are popular. If you have free time, it is also a good idea to make lanterns yourself. You can’t make the “big guys” sold on the street, and you can’t find materials such as steel wire or steel plates. Then use bamboo strips, rice paper, and pen and ink to make a simple paper lantern. The materials and processes of hand-made paper lanterns are very simple. You can design your favorite patterns and add a lot of fun to the festival.

The first step is to make the skeleton. The simpler shape of the paper lantern is a cube or a cylinder. It is best to use bendable bamboo branches or bamboo skins to form a frame, and tie them tightly with thin wires. If it’s hard to find, thin strips of cardboard and bamboo sticks for barbecue are also fine. The firmness and flexibility will be lacking, but it is also a good decoration for indoors.

Material selection

  1. Put the bamboo in a steam room (or heat it for half an hour), then take it out and dry it in a cool place, but it must not be too dry or exposed to strong light.
  2. Cutting degree of planing: planing off the rough skin and cutting the required length of bamboo strips, which depends on the size of the lantern.

Tie the skeleton

Weave the lamp holder in a cross pattern. In the middle of the lamp holder, tie a few circles of bamboo loops on the wall of the lamp.

Make the lamp body

Buy a few sheets of white and red plain rice paper or sprinkled gold rice paper at the Four Treasures of the Study, and cut them to fit the length and width of the lantern skeleton, and then you can design your own patterns. Calligraphy, painting, and paper-cutting can all be displayed on a small lantern. After the paste is finished, you can also use a narrow strip of imitation silk paper to border up and down, which looks more elegant, much like an ancient palace lantern.

If you are not good at calligraphy and painting, there is a simple way for reference. Use a piece of thin paper to trace the words you want on the copybook, and then overlap the thin paper with the deep red rice paper, and use a single-edged blade to dig out the writing. Remove the thin paper, and the hollow handwriting appears on the red rice paper. The lamp body is made of white rice paper, and the red rice paper is glued inside, and the candlelight or light is reflected from the hollow. The effect is quite beautiful.

Production light source

If you put it indoors, you only need to light an ordinary candle in the lantern; if you want to carry it out, it is best to use a light bulb and a battery to make a simple circuit. It may seem a little rough, but light up your own lantern during the Lantern Festival, um~ it has a special flavor!


First, evenly brush the diluted paste on the surface of the frame, then paste the cotton gauze, which is about to lightly attach the cut gauze to the light stand, then use the brush to dip the paste and brush it, and finally paste the second layer of the single light for the lantern Paper (if there is no single gloss paper, fine cotton paper is also acceptable.) Note that the brush for smoothing the paste must be clean, and the pasted paper must be pasted so that there are no seams before the actual pasting is completed.


Place the lantern in a cool, ventilated place to dry.


  1. Painted or cut-and-paste: Painted or cut-and-paste with personally required patterns, such as figures, eight immortals, flowers and birds, ladies, etc.
  2. Writing text: After painting, decide whether to write text or not according to the situation. After the characters and patterns are completely dry, the lantern is done.
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