The Reincarnation
Also known as: Infinite, unlimited, 無限 無穹迴役 Infinite
Genres: sci-fi movie
Country: United States
Director: Anthony Foquia
Release Date: 2021
Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Dylan Aobulaien, Jason Chu, Man Alex Rupert, Sophie Cookson Qiewa Te, Ai Jiafu Toby Jones Wallis Day Tom Hughes Johannes Johannesson Howard Kerr plus painted Alexander Liz Kyle Lili Rich Joanna Ribeiro Nabil Helu than La Feila Chapman Mark Fleischman Jordan, A Nash Diliyana, Bukeliwa Leon Arnold


“The Reincarnation” is adapted from the science fiction novel “The Reincarnationist Papers” published by D. Eric Maikranz in 2009. It is composed of “Office Kill” Ian Shore and “The Detective” John Lee Hancock (John Lee Hancock). ) Co-authored. “You have been born and died thousands of times. If you can remember who you were, you can understand who you can be.” The plot describes the protagonist Evan Michaels at the age of 14 because of multiple memories.

After being diagnosed with schizophrenia, he was found by a secret organization called “Cognomina” just when he was infested by these memories. The other party stated that all the memories of Ivan were real, and only a few people had them. This kind of talent, accumulating hundreds of years of knowledge and memory, has a great advantage. And “Cognomina” wants to help Ivan awaken his memories of his past lives, and they also need Ivan’s participation to jointly prevent the mutinous members from destroying the world. Mark Wahlberg plays a top marksman, and now in “The Vault of the Dead”, his ability has been upgraded to become an “infinite” with the ability to regenerate.