Tempting His Wife into His Embrace: President’s In-depth Spoils

Tempting his wife into his arms: the president’s deep pampering
Other names: 诱妻入怀:总裁深度宠
Author: Ye Ping
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: 2021
Status: 1246 Ongoing


On the first night of the wedding, Ye Weixi hesitated: “That…my aunt is here…” Ye Weixi, who has never been flustered, said with a guilty conscience.
On the second day of the wedding, Ye Weixi swallowed his surging saliva: “I want to study abroad…”
On the third day of the wedding, Ye Weixi said, “I want to live on campus…”

On the seventh day of the wedding, Ye Weixi said, “I want to stay in my natal house for a few days…”
Yan Chenye didn’t let Ye Weixi succeed with nothing, and he was more fierce than night…
Finally, a month later, Ye Weixi held her waist and confessed her fate to stop looking for all kinds of excuses for separation, otherwise her waist would really break…