‘Yang Yang’ joins ‘Zhao Lusi’ in a new series, “Compared to the earth”

News has come out for the period series. “Comparing the Earth” (且试天) by this series is based on the novel of the same name. “Qing Lingyue ” (倾泠月) tells the story of a protagonist who, in his life path, must choose between the great reasons of the country and love and hate.

The latest has been released for the first set of fitting pictures of the series. “Compare the Earth” (且试天下) by Chinese netizens screaming very hard. Because this series has a leading hero. China’s outstanding superstar degree, ‘Yang Yang’ () also joins the lead role. By yesterday, he had posted the first set of pictures on his own Weibo. Along with a cute caption that says “在下丰兰息,在下丰兰息。” means “wait a long time. I’m Little Feng Lanxi.” It

can be called both Yang Yang fans and series fans. China itself It would be exciting to see. Because usually lately, most of us have seen the body of ‘Yang Yang’ only in the action series, military, police, or E-sport line. The hot young man came to play a really serious series, especially in this series where ‘Yang Yang’ plays the role of “Feng Lanxi”or “Hei Fengxi”, a handsome young man who is extremely unpredictable. It is considered that it is worth following quite a bit.

Not only this series will get ‘Yang Yang’ to play the male lead of the story. As for the female lead, Zhao Lusi (赵露思) or “Princess Li Leyan ” from the current hottest series “Woman Changge”.

The attractiveness of ‘Zhao Lusi’ with this series is that ‘Zhao Lusi’ plays the role of “Princess Xiyun” or “Bai Fengxi”, the princess of the Wind Empire. whose mind is stable, resolute, and intelligent that it is difficult to catch with some netizens commenting that Her outward appearance was neat. Sweet, it goes against the personality traits of character “to Feng Z.”

Some of the arguments raised by the popularity she gained from the series “Women Han Chang Goethe” was speaking. Most recently, a Chinese source in sina news with the account name “娱圈海马” spoke about the matter in the sense that As for this issue, it is difficult to judge. Because because of the popularity that ‘Zhao Lusi’ has received from the series.“Streehan Changge” is largely the result of the coherence between the characters. “Li Leyan” with her image But on the other hand, for the series “Compared to the Earth”, her appearance was also noticeably different from the “Bai Fengxi” character. This may have to wait to win again when the series has been broadcasted for the role of “Bai Fengxi” played by ‘Zhao Lusi’ will come out next.