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6 ways to protect children’s eyes during online classes

This is because the behavior of children using the eyes on the screen has increased dramatically nowadays. It is also affected by the outbreak of COVID-19. causing the children to study online mainly during this period The chances of developing eye problems in children are therefore increasing.

An ophthalmologist would like to recommend How to protect eyesight in children for children to develop good eyesight And there will be no serious eye problems in the future.

  1. You should read a book or stare at a screen where have enough light not too dim or too bright
  2. Do not lie down to read books or play with electronic devices. whether lying on your stomach or lying on your back because of gravity This will make the page too close to the book. This causes the use of eye muscles more than usual and may cause eye pain.
  3. Do not read books or play games in the car. because it will have to focus more than usual and vibration of the car will make eyes tired easily.
  4. Do not play video games, computers, computer games, watch TV or videos for too long. You should rest your eyes periodically. by looking into the distance
  5. The screen light must not be too bright. Should be adjusted to soft light, as well as enough light in the room. Should not rely solely on the light from the screen.
  6. Should encourage children to play outdoors Don’t use your computer or watch TV all day. especially during the semester break. Children’s eye behavior It is something that parents should focus on and observe the use of their children’s eyes. Because children often do not know that they have eye problems.
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