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Where is Tianwang Temple, China

Tianwang Temple. Located in Tuojiang Town, Fenghuang County, Xiangxi, Hunan Province, it is said to have been built to worship the three brothers of the Yang family. It is not only a model of national ancient architecture, but also a memorial place for the Revolution of 1911. Tianwang Temple shows the oppression and anti-oppression of the Miao people.

Tianwang Temple is also known as Sanhou Temple and Sanwang Temple. It is located at the foothills of the scenic mountain in the southeast of Fenghuang Ancient City. Visitors can climb into the temple from Dongmenjing along the hundred-level stone steps. This is a group of ancient buildings with exquisite craftsmanship.

According to legend, it was for sacrificing “to unify thirty-six people and kill nine thousand Miao”, to serve the court and brutally suppress the Miao brothers. They were named by the emperor and finally poisoned by the court. An ancestral temple built by the three brothers. Tianwang Temple, it is not only a model of ancient national architecture, but also a memorial place for the Revolution of 1911.

From 1910 to 1911, Phoenix Miao patriots Tang Lichen and Tian Yingquan established a new regime of the National Revolution—the Xiangxi Military Government here, and held celebrations in Tianwang Temple. The creed slogan of the Revolutionary Army of the Revolution of 1911 is still preserved in the Tianwang Temple.

Character Deeds
According to legend, the three kings were the three brothers Yang Shenglong, Yang Shengbiao, and Yang Shengzhuan, the military and civilian chiefs of Jingzhou, Xuanfu, Southern Song Dynasty. From the last years of Shaoxing to the early years of Chunxi in the Southern Song Dynasty, Youchen County (in the area of ​​Chenxi today) “the chief of Tuban rebellion” Gong Zhide and Gong Zhiqi occupied the Pushi area, “burning Luma”;

There are Du Ye (now Du Ye Village, Qiliangqiao Township) “Man Chief” Cockscomb King Heche, Gaodu “Ranmin” Zhou Yan, Zhou Dexing and others, together with “Dong Chief”, “excited nine thousand thieves” and “ravaged Chu Chu”. On the other hand, Xiangxi was harassed. “Changde County Shou Yan Errong, unable to conquer and clean up the riots, reported to the Southern Song Dynasty court and sent troops to suppress the riots. Emperor Xiaozong of Song Dynasty ordered the three Yang brothers to march.

They designed to lure the enemy into a decisive battle by the Fenghuang Qiliang Bridge, defeating the thieves. There are folk songs extolling the merits of the Yang brothers: “Thirty-six people killed nine thousand at the gate of Qiliang Cave. The blood flowed into rivers and the bones piled up into mountains. If you don’t believe it, the armor is buried in the mud field.”

Ancient events

The Temple of Three Kings should be built around the tenth year of Chunxi in the Southern Song Dynasty (1183). The Three Kings are the most famous in Miao, especially the Miao people are extremely afraid of them. People fear them so much that they ignore the status of the Tathagata and the Jade Emperor, and simply renamed the “Three Kings” to “The Heavenly Kings.” In the 16th year of the Daoguang Period (1836), the Qing prince Tai Fu Guoyonghou Town Chief Soldier Yang Fang had a plaque with the inscription “San Gong Tian Ren” in his handwriting.

The rulers in the 2nd year of Jiaqing in the Qing Dynasty (1798) and the 6th year of Xianfeng (1856) used the power to rule the Miao area. This deterred the people. In November 1911, the Phoenix men Tang Lichen, Tian Yingquan, and Tian Yingzhao led the Liberation Army to respond to the Hai Revolution and pledged their righteousness.

After the siege was unsuccessful, the town officials stationed in the city sent people from all over the country to search for the city, and arrested those who were suspected of having participated in the attack: young and middle-aged farmers were arrested, and the arrested shouted “unjustified”, and the officials could not confirm it. Pulled to the Temple of the Heavenly Kings to accept the “Divine Judgment”, tossing lots to determine life and death, and being “Divine Judgment” as a damn, even if it was wronged, there is nothing to say. How can the Heavenly Lord decide to defend! Eventually some people were executed.

Modern events

Tianwang Temple is not only a historical monument of Phoenix, a model of ancient national architecture, but also a memorial site of the Revolution of 1911.

From 1910 to 1911, Phoenix Miao patriots Tang Lichen, Tian Yingquan, etc. planned here to convene the rebels of Songtao, Fenghuang, Qianzhou, Yongsui and other places to revolt and attack Phoenix Hall City. It was held on November 10 of the Xinhai year of the lunar calendar. Victory on the three days, the establishment of the new regime of the National Revolution-Xiangxi Military Government, and celebrations were held in Tianwang Temple.

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