Monthly Magazine Home – 월간 집

Monthly Magazine Home – 월간 집
Other name: Monthly House, Monthly Home, Wolgan Jib, Wolgan, 월간
Genre(s): Comedy, Romance, Drama
Release: June 16, 2021 – Aug 5, 2021
Episode(s): 16
Country: Korea
Broadcast: iQiyi
Director(s): Lee Hyung Min
Writer(s): Myung Soo Hyun
Cast: Jung So Min, Kim Ji Suk

It is a story about the romance of a man who ‘buys’ a house and a woman who ‘lives’ in the house. Na Young Won (Jung So Min) is an editor of the monthly living magazine ‘House’. Meanwhile, Yoo Ja Sung (Kim Ji Suk) is the representative. The series tells the stories of the editors through House Magazine.

A home-searching romance story about a man who buys houses and a woman who lives in one. It follows the diverse stories of the editors of a home magazine.

Yoo Ja Sung is the CEO of a real estate investment company and magazine company Monthly House who went from rags to riches. By studying during the day, working as a restaurant part-timer and a designated driver at night, and working at construction sites during the weekends, Yoo Ja Sung cut down on his sleep time to self-study real estate, eventually becoming an investment expert and wealthy man owning property worth tens of billions of won (tens of millions of dollars) in real estate. However, when he runs into Na Young Won, the two will begin an unexpected romance.

Na Young Won is a magazine editor with 10 years of experience who has been living alone for 10 years at a rented home. She believes her home to be the place where she can truly be herself. However, when she meets her devil-like new homeowner and Monthly House magazine CEO, Na Young Won begins to search for a house of her own and develops an interest in real estate.

Camping fanatic and professional photographer Shin Kyum is living by the principles of “you only live once” and “work-life balance.” Shin Kyum chose to become a photographer over inheriting his father’s business. He’s also Na Young Won’s neighbor and convenience store partner, allowing their fates to be constantly intertwined.