Twilight Saga: Midnight Sun

Twilight Saga: Midnight Sun
Other names:  暮光之城:午夜陽光, Midnight Sun (Twilight #5)
Author: Stephanie. Mel
Genre: Novel, Science Fiction, Fantasy Novel
Release: 2021/01/29
Status: Ongoing


I can see how easy it is to fall in love with Bella, it will be as effortless as falling in love. Not allowing oneself to fall in love with her is the opposite of falling, like climbing up a cliff with the strength of a mortal. —Edward Cullen

The “Twilight” series of works have created the following achievements:
The best young book in history──Time Magazine
The best young book in history──National Public Radio
Editor’s Choice Reading──The New York Times
No. 1 in New York Times best-selling novel
No. 1 in USA Today’s best-selling novel
The sales of Taiwan’s entire series exceeded one million copies

There are three things I’m sure about:
First, Bella is the only person I can’t hear
Second, by nature, I long to drink her blood
Third, facing her, I seem to be addicted and unable to extricate myself…

Edward became a vampire at the age of seventeen, and then lived for nearly a hundred years. It can be said that in his young and handsome appearance, he lived with an old soul. Because of this, facing the first girl who fell in love in nearly a hundred years, I felt joy in my heart. In addition to joy, I felt that being a vampire was not worthy of such a beautiful girl; even though he was so worried, Edward couldn’t get anything from him. Bella left, choosing to find reasons for herself to stay with Bella again and again.

To Bella, Edward is to her what the pomegranate is to Poserfani, the queen of the underworld. It was delicious and tempting, she wanted to eat it in one bite, and she was prepared to be involuntarily involuntarily prepared once it was eaten.

To Edward, Bella is to him what Porterfanny, the queen of the underworld, is to Pluto. He tried everything possible to keep her, but he didn’t want to change Bella’s fate because of a strong sense of morality.

However, Edward couldn’t help being kind to Bella, as if feeding her one after another pomegranate seeds, the future of the two would eventually go out of control…
The story told through Edward’s point of view is not only memorable, but also darker.

After reading this book, we will have a better understanding of Edward’s fascinating past and complex thoughts, and we will also understand why meeting Bella made him feel so tormented. If obedience to what he wants means Bella will be in danger, how can he do that?

The book will also reveal what happened to Edward when he left Bella for the first time to make him decide to come back again? What happened to the four men who harassed Bella in Port Angeles? After being hunted by a vampire and injured, in order to reassure her family and friends, Alice carefully arranged everything in the Bella Incident Hotel…

Let us turn the pages of the book together and relive that period of pure love and touching.

“Twilight” series of works
“Twilight”, “New Moon”, “Eclipse”, “Breaking Dawn”, “Midnight Sun”, “Brie’s Rebirth”


Chapter 1 First time meeting (1)
Chapter 1 First time meeting (2)
Chapter 2 See through people’s heart
chapter 3 Risk
chapter 4 Phantom
chapter 5 Inviting and being invited
chapter 6 Blood dizzy
chapter 7 Melody
chapter 8 Ghost
chapter 9 Port Angels
chapter 10 Ideas
chapter 11 Cross-examination
chapter 12 Complicated entanglement
chapter 13 Another difficult
chapter 14 Narrowing the distance
chapter 15 Possibility
chapter 16 Tangled
chapter 17 Confession and desire
chapter 18 Soul overcomes everything
chapter 19 Home
chapter 20 Carlisle
chapter 21 Baseball game
chapter 22 Hunting action
chapter 23 Farewell
chapter 24 Ambush
chapter 25 Racing
chapter 26 Blood
chapter 27 Miscellaneous
chapter 28 Three conversation
chapter 29 Fate
EPILOGUE: Ending: Grand Ceremony