“You Are Beautiful When You Smile” was torn before it was broadcast!

The topic of e-sports has been very high in recent years. Although my country classified it as a formal sports competition as early as 2003, the public still associate it with ordinary online games more. resist. But in 2018 and 2019, after the Chinese team won the global championship, it finally made the public gradually realize that professional e-sports is no longer something that they thought would “teaching bad kids”. After all, they wanted to be It is not easy to be a professional e-sports player. Behind every achievement is countless sweat and hard work.

And in the TV circle, the big hit dramas we have seen “accompany you to the top of the world”, “slightly smile is allure”, and “dear love” are all about the history of e-sports development in China. To a degree, it reflects reality. The enthusiasm of the theme of “Dear Loved” has made many e-sports people feel the same. In addition to the emotional line, the development of the e-sports career line is also the reason why the show has gained so much love. It can be said that there are not many TV series themes that show e-sports, so it is also a piece of sweet pastry that has not been overdeveloped. Naturally, many capitals have taken a look at this piece of fat.

So the most recent film tells how a female e-sports player went all the way to the world stage, overcoming difficulties, and won the world championship for Chinese e-sports. “You are beautiful when you smile” is officially announced and is in the cast. There is no lack of popularity. The heroes and heroines Xu Kai and Cheng Xiao, as well as idol singers Zhai Xiaowen, Yao Chi, Lingchao, etc., can be said to have gathered a lot of small flowers and fresh meat, even if it is not for the plot, there are fans who are for the actors. A lot.

The author’s operation is simply a mystery, and the investment and production party did not know why they would develop and shoot such a plagiarism and stubborn work. It’s no wonder that many e-sports tycoons and fans have resisted it. “When You Smile Many of the plots in “Very Beautiful” really do not seem to promote the spirit of praising e-sports. Obviously they are dressed in the fur of passionate e-sports, but they are actually dog-blood TV dramas that are blessed by love and brain!

Because the show was boycotted from the beginning, the actors who starred in this TV show could not escape being sprayed. Although the actors have relatively little right to speak when picking up the script in the play, it also reflects the negligence of the team’s work, not keeping the actors’ eyes open and choosing carefully. Although it is a cold winter for film and television, wouldn’t it be ugly to accept all scripts?

And according to some netizens, he threw an olive branch to Zhang Binbin during the casting of “You Are Beautiful When You Smile”. He also played a hidden master in “A Slight Smile is Allure”, and he himself loves it very much. E-sports, once participated in many activities of famous domestic clubs, can be regarded as an e-sports person. So I heard that Zhang Binbin refused to act after contacting the script of the play. I wanted to come and feel uncomfortable with the plot.

“You Are Beautiful When You Smile” was torn before it was broadcast! E-sports tycoon blamed, Zhang Binbin accidentally became fans

This move also won the favor of many netizens. It is also a cold winter for film and television. Being able to reject hard-won job opportunities and stick to the bottom line is really an unexpected fan!

“You Are Beautiful When You Smile” was torn before it was broadcast! E-sports tycoon blamed, Zhang Binbin accidentally became fans

At present, the TV series “You Are Beautiful When You Smile” have not officially stated what the fate of the show will be. Let’s go and watch!