“Flowers on the Sea” ending is good or bad

The third “Flowers on the Sea”, which is the third part of the beautiful period such as a dream series, is the final piece of the beautiful period such as a dream series. The film and television version of this book is also waiting to be broadcast. Since it is a great work, That would definitely not be able to avoid the word “abusive text”, but I don’t know if the ending of the drama version will change.

The book “A Dream like a Dream of Flowers on the Sea” mainly tells the story of the love entanglement between entertainment reporter Du Xiaosu, doctor Shao Zhenrong and senior cadre’s son Lei Yuzheng. Among them, Du Xiaosu and Shao Zhenrong are unmarried couples, but just when the two were about to get married, they had some rifts in their relationship because of Lei Yuzheng. When the rifts were about to be repaired, Shao Zhenrong had an accident, resulting in seemingly unmarried couples. Du Xiaosu and Lei Yuzheng, who may be together, gradually have more and more intersections…

Du Xiaosu is a fledgling designer. She became an intern reporter after graduation. She was kind and stubborn. She met Shao Zhenrong when she was in the hospital with the film star. The two met and fell in love. When talking about marriage, when Shao Zhenrong introduced his second brother Lei Yuzheng to Du Xiaosu, the plot began to take a turn for the worse.

It turns out that Du Xiaosu’s object of indulging and losing himself was Lei Yuzheng. Lei Yuzheng threatened Du Xiaosu to end the relationship between the two, making Shao Zhenrong who was unaware of it painful. He died unexpectedly on the way to Wenchuan. Du Xiaosu was deeply in love with Shao Zhenrong and had a subtle change in his relationship with Lei Yuzheng. Lei Yuzheng eventually fell in love with Du Xiaosu, but did not receive Du Xiaosu’s response, and the two were not together in the end.

Shao Zhenrong and Lei Yuzheng grew up together since they were young, and their relationship is deep. He has also been growing up with Lei Yuzheng’s brother-like care. It was he who bound Du Xiaosu and Lei Yuzheng together. Shao Zhenrong and Du Xiaosu fell in love during their contact, but they were strongly opposed by his mother. When he was down, he was killed by a mudslide while traveling with the medical team to the free clinic in the mountainous area. The ending of Shao Zhenrong was the most sad.

Unlike most romance novels, Lei Yuzheng, the protagonist of “Flowers on the Sea”, appeared very late. When I looked at the front, I thought that Du Xiaosu and the little angel Shao Zhenrong were going to cultivate a positive fruit. However, it is worthy of being a stepmother. By the third of the story, the little angel Shao Zhenrong is completely gone. Instead, it is a strong and domineering child who has an inexplicable affection for Du Xiaosu, Lei Yuzheng.

In all fairness, at the beginning of the story, Lei Yuzheng’s male protagonist aura was not felt at all. But as the story progressed, the relationship between him and Du Xiaosu continued to change. The two became intimate and sometimes alienated, and even at the end, they had children. However, they can’t just get married because in Lei Yuzheng’s circle of friends, Du Xiaosu exists as Shao Zhenrong’s fiancée.

Therefore, the ending of the book “Flowers on the Sea” is that Du Xiaosu went abroad to live and gave birth to children alone, and the scene where she and Lei Yuzheng were together only appeared in the extravaganza. At the end of the book, Du Xiaosu’s feelings are a little cryptic. If it weren’t for an extra appearance, it would be difficult to feel her love for Lei Yuzheng. I don’t know how the drama version will be presented?

Judging from the information released by the drama version of “Flowers on the Sea”, the male and female protagonists are Dou Xiao and Li Qin respectively, and the actor of the doctor Shao Zhenrong is Zhang Yunlong. The TV series made some changes to the plot of the novel. In the novel, it was originally the confrontation between Du Xiaosu and Lei Yuzheng, and a series of processes such as seeing each other’s affection, but in the TV series, Lei Yuzheng is in the story. In the second half, I was more of guarding Du Xiaosu, and my impression of her as a person changed step by step, and finally fell in love with Du Xiaosu…