“Huanxisha” is finished, Tong Liya’s version of Xi Shi stunning the whole network, He Rundong plays the overbearing king

Speaking of beautiful women, many of our netizens will think of the immortal goddess Zhao Yazhi, the white lady she played is a classic that can’t be surpassed so far. The big beauty Ju Jingyi still has the title of four thousand years of beauty, but in the eyes of the Chinese people, there are also the four ancient beauties. They often appear in various film and television dramas, especially Xi Shi, even more often. It is used to describe beauties, like tofu Xi Shi, noodle Xi Shi and other Internet celebrities.

And just recently, the TV series “Huan Xi Sha” finally announced the news. Tong Liya, who played the female number one in “Huan Xi Sha”, was sealed as the most beautiful Xi Shi in the entire network. Her Xi Shi Mei turned many netizens! The cast of this TV series is very strong, and it seems that it has been rushed to book the annual hot drama. The director of the TV series “Huanxisha” Gao Yijun has directed TV series such as “Emperor of the Han” and “Legend of Wu Mei Niang” and is a very good director. .

The TV series “Huanxisha” is an ancient historical legendary drama starring two actors Tong Liya and Han Geng, and He Rundong, Xu Baihui, Chen Duling and other actors. The King of Yue went to the Wu Palace as slaves for the Li people for three full years. After all kinds of humiliation, he finally returned to China. He reused Fan Li played by Han Geng, and Fan Li’s wife Xi Shi bid farewell to her husband Fan Li and went to Wu undercover for the country and the people.

Wu Wang Fucha, played by He Rundong, has repeatedly suspected that the King of Yue Goujian was paralysing himself by surrendering. He often asked various questions to test the King of Goujian. Xi Shi repeatedly sent a signal to her husband Fan Li and others. People’s hearts are becoming more and more united, but King Wu, played by He Rundong, is becoming more and more arrogant and arrogant, and the national power of Yue and Wu has also undergone earth-shaking changes.

Finally, Gou Jian waited for a great opportunity. He seized the opportunity of Fu Chai to go to Huangchi to fight for hegemony, and led an army to defeat the capital city of Wu in one fell swoop, and completed the great cause of rejuvenation! It should be said that the story told by the TV series “Huanxisha” is still very exciting. While respecting the ancient history, it also described in detail the touching story of the great beauty Xi Shi and Fan Li, who were willing to sacrifice themselves for the country.

In addition to the announcement of the finale, the TV series “Huanxisha” also released the latest modeling stills. From the stills, we can find that the actress Tong Liya’s Xi Tzu looks very fairy, her hair is a little messy, but she has a lot of charm. Netizens exclaimed that Tong Liya’s version of Xi Shi is the most beautiful in the entire network, while Fan Li, played by actor Han Geng, looks like a gentleman, but the shooting shots of archery seem to be very handsome. Fan Li.

The actor He Rundong’s Wu Wang Fucha in the TV series “Wanxisha” looks very domineering, and is very different from Han Geng’s image of a graceful gentleman. When He Rundong took over the filming of TV series, he basically played very domineering roles. Although it seems to be a single play, it is often easy to reach the top. For example, Yen Zidan, a martial arts superstar who focuses on shooting martial arts movies, still has continuous film appointments and excellent resources.