What are the endings of the characters in “Eternal Jue Chen”

千古玦尘 – Zhou Dongyu and Xu Kai’s new play is adapted from the original novel. Many people ask whether the ending of the original novel by Jiuchen is abused or abused? This drama has a very good appearance, but it is a pity that Liu Xueyi is the second man of ten thousand years.

The TV series “Eternal Jue Chen” is adapted from the novel “Ancient”, telling the love story of the true god of antiquity and Bai Ju who have lived and died and still lives up to their love. Bai Ju was in love with the ancients for hundreds of thousands of years. He could do anything for the ancients. He sacrificed a lot for the ancients, and the ancients finally understood Bai Jue’s intentions for him and walked with Bai Jue. Ancient (Houchi): The head of the four true gods in the ancient world, a god with the origin of chaos. Sixty thousand years ago, due to the advent of chaos, he chose to fall asleep after being martyred. In the post-ancient realm, he was the God of the Houchi of Qingchi Palace and was raised by the God of the Ancient Lord.

Although he was in the position of the supreme god, he was the supreme god, and his spiritual power was low, and he was actually pressed down by Bai Xuan. Bai Jue (Bai Xuan, Qing Mu): One of the four true gods of the ancient world. He was in love with the ancients for nearly 200,000 years. At the last moment of the ancient martyrdom, he stopped her and suppressed the chaos of chaos. It took 40,000 years for her. Gathering the souls, it took 60,000 years to turn the origin of his immortal power into the power of chaos. The descendants of the ancients were sacrificed in the chaos of chaos, and finally reborn with the help of the ancestor god Qingtian. In the post-Ancient realm, the identities were Bai Xuan and Qing Mu.

Feng Ran: Wu Huan was expelled when Feng Ran was born for personal gain, and later became the Phoenix Emperor of the Phoenix family. After the death of the Emperor, he took charge of the Three Realms. The beasts that had been selected by the ancients admired each other with Jing Jian. Jing Jian: The second son of the Emperor of Heaven. He was saved by Feng Ran when he was young. He was always looking for a savior.

Later, after learning that it was Feng Ran, he fell in love with Feng Ran. During the battle of the fairy and demon, he used the technique of dispatching troops to solve the problem, leaving only one soul to Feng Yu Above, the soul body can be reshaped under the power of the ancient chaos. Jing Zhao: The daughter of Emperor Tian, ​​loves Qing Mu, but it is a pity that Qing Mu and Houchi love each other, and have grievances with Houchi. After Qingmu Yuanshen awakens, he becomes Bai Jue and fails to marry him, and he is expelled from Heaven.

The ending of Qiangu’s original novel by Yuechen is not abusive. You can rest assured that you can see what the ending of each character is. The male second Apocalypse is not a villain. His emotional line is connected with the ancients and Yuemi. Apocalypse likes the heroine of the ancients. But Yuemi loved Tianqi secretly, but then Tianqi knew that Yuemi liked him, so she worked hard to find Yuemi’s soul in the Three Realms.