What is the Chaos Tribulation in “Eternal Jue Chen”

A series of roots of the fall of the gods and the martyrdom of the ancients in “Early Jue Chen” lies in the catastrophe of chaos. The tribulation of chaos is to make the gods fall, and only the Lord of the chaos can resolve the tribulation. This is also the reason why Tianqi wanted to steal the main god Lingyu and open the world-destroying formation.

Zhiyang learned that there was a problem in the Demon Realm and wanted to check the truth, but Tian Qi felt that it was no big deal, because the Demon Realm was his territory, so he decided to see the situation. After solving the troubles of the Demon Realm, the ancients saw Bai Jue a little weak and wanted to give him some divine power, but Bai Jue refused to agree, so she had to force the divine power. Tianqi went to the Demon Realm to check and found out that the barrier was broken, but he couldn’t tell Zhiyang and the ancients, so he had to find a way to solve the matter by himself.

When the ancient sky was preparing to take over the master god Lingyu, Ling Yu snatched away in advance, which not only surprised the ancients, but also made Xuan Yi extremely angry, who had planned all these thousands of years. Zhiyang and Bai Ju took control of Tianqi, and the ancients immediately persuaded Tianqi to return her master Shen Lingyu to prevent him from joking at this time, but Tianqi did not listen at all.

Tianqi thought of the old friendship with the ancients, but still cruelly wanted to take away the main god Lingyu, so he told the gods that he wanted to take control of the god realm. Tianqi snatched the main god Lingyu, and wanted to solve his troubles, but he couldn’t tell the ancients, he could only ask the ancients to stay in the old friendship and let him go. The ancients didn’t know what happened to Tianqi, but she believed that what Tianqi said was not false. Tianqi was really in trouble, so she let go of Tianqi with relentless heart, and didn’t want Tianqi to be punished by the gods.

The world-destroying formation is based on the three stones of heaven and earth, the main god Lingyu is the vein, supplemented by the source of the true god, absorbs the chaotic energy of the immortal and demons, and uses the aura of all things to make the people who deploy this formation become a powerful chaotic god. Once this person becomes a chaos god, he will surpass the ancestor god and become the most powerful existence in this world. The ancients did not believe that Tianqi wanted to be the main god and would not lay down this formation, so he wanted to ask Tianqi in the lower realm.

Bai Jue kept checking the ancient books to see if he could find a way to break the world-destroying formation. He was afraid that Apocalypse had no way of turning back. The ancients found the apocalypse and asked what the apocalypse wanted to do, but the apocalypse lied that everything he had done to the ancients was pretended by him, and the ancients were not so important in his heart.

The ancients didn’t believe what Tianqi said. She wanted to bring Tianqi back to the God Realm, but Tianqi refused to agree, and directly injured the ancients. After the ancients was injured, Tianqi told the ancients that he had never liked the ancients, let the ancients return to the gods and don’t let other people come, otherwise he would do the things Xuanyi did ten thousand years ago.

Apocalypse deployed the World Destroying Formation, and used his own source of power to urge the completion of the formation within the formation, allowing Zi Han to stop the gods who came to stop him from opening the formation outside the Yuanling Swamp. The ancients sent Bai Jue to the lower realm to capture the apocalypse, and Yuemi wanted to persuade the apocalypse to turn back, so she asked herself to go to the lower realm to find the apocalypse.

Bai Jue found that Apocalypse was delaying time, he wanted to stop Apocalypse first, and Yue Mi asked Bai Jue to give her a stick of incense, and asked her to persuade Apocalypse to turn back. After Yuemi went to see Tianqi, Wuhuan immediately used the magic weapon to kill Tianqi to follow her, hoping to obtain evidence of the collusion between Yuemi and Tianqi, so that she could gain a foothold in the gods. Yuemi went to persuade Tianqi, but Tianqi refused to turn her head. She had to use her life to force Tianqi to feel soft. Tianqi kept saying that he didn’t care about Yuemi’s life, but when Yuemi really wanted to die, he still felt softened, so he left the formation to stop Yuemi.

Seeing Tianqi’s heart softened, Yue Mi immediately forced Tianqi to ask Tianqi’s reason, and wanted Tianqi to go back with her to seek help from Zhiyang and Bai Jue. She said that no matter what happened, she would stand on Tianqi’s side. Apocalypse was almost moved by Yuemi, but he couldn’t be soft-hearted, so he became cruel and cheated Yuemi by saying something against his heart.

Yuemi knew that everything Tianqi had done was for the sake of ancient times, and she urged Tianqi to turn back. When she almost persuaded Tianqi to go back with her to find a solution, Wuhuan attacked Tianqi with a magic weapon to destroy the sky. Seeing that Apocalypse was in danger, Yue Mi immediately blocked the arrow for Apocalypse. When Apocalypse found out, he almost killed Wu Huan with anger.

Tianqi always knew what Yuemi thought about him, he deliberately pretended not to know, just didn’t want to let Yuemi down, but he didn’t expect that he would lose Yuemi in the end. Yuemi is dead, Tianqi is very sad, he can no longer protect Yuemi who died for him, but even more to protect the ancients, so he still insisted on launching the World Destruction Formation.

Apocalypse accelerates the formation of the formation, the spiritual power of the gods is disappearing little by little, Bai Ju really has no choice, and can’t bear to activate the sky, and can only kill the apocalypse. Tianqi didn’t explain anything. He only told Bai Jue that one day Bai Jue would regret what he did today. The apocalypse slowly dissipated, and Bai Jue sadly retracted the Lord Shen Lingyu, thinking about the past and the apocalypse, and he was also saddened by the departure of the apocalypse.

Zhiyang immediately rang the chaos clock to notify the gods because of the ancient retreat, the refining god Lingyu, and Xuanyi asked the magic feather to go to the Universe Stage with the magic weapon to let everyone know the chaos of the chaos in advance. Bai Ju went to Qiongqi to check the reason. He happened to see the Great Wilderness of the Demon Realm, and also met the apocalypse that had been to the Demon Realm to check before. Only then did he know that the chaos barrier of the ancestor god was broken. Bai Ju wanted to know what Tianqi had done, and followed Tianqi to the Universe Terrace. Only then did he know that Tianhui Yingshengshi asked the ancestor about the Tribulation of Chaos.

The ancestors told Tianqi that the tribulation of chaos caused the gods to die, and only the lord of chaos could resolve the tribulation.