What is the content of the novel in “The Legend of Yuyu Zhi Met the Junchu”

驭鲛记之与君初相识 – The original novel “Controlling the Shark” tells the story of Sharkman Changyi saving the princess’ life, but the princess avenge her revenge, wanting the beautiful Sharkman Changyi to become her own plaything. The princess also wanted to find someone to domesticate this shark to meet her own requirements. As for the domestication requirements, the princess mentioned three:

  1. I hope that this mackerel can speak human words; 2. I hope that the fish’s tail will change its legs; 3. I hope that this mackerel will belong to her in this life and will not betray.

So Ji Yunhe, the master of demon control, accepted the job and officially started. As a result, the demon master Ji Yunhe was also fascinated by the kind and gentle shark who had stars in his eyes when he smiled. He fell in love with her domesticated object… and was de-domesticated.

The original book is more abusive, although the male and female protagonists have their own involuntary, but they still fall in love. The male protagonist pays a lot for the female protagonist, and the female protagonist naturally reciprocates. When faced with danger, the heroine said some unfeeling words to drive away the heroine. Later, the male protagonist’s strength greatly increased and the female protagonist was imprisoned… I don’t know whether the TV series has changed the plot of these abusers.

The male protagonist Yuren long intended to be a noble deep-sea royal family. He not only has a beautiful face, but also has a pure heart, kindness and beauty. Moreover, the Yuren clan believes in the love of one person for a lifetime, so he thinks that he likes Ji Yunhe, then in this life, regardless of life or death, he will recognize her. Even if he misunderstood that the heroine lied to him for profit, he still had to imprison the heroine by his side.

The heroine is Ji Yunhe, the master of demons, and she is an orphan whose parents have died. When she grew up, her master used poison to control her, and used her to refine demons, doing all the dirty work. Desperate and lonely, she met Chang Yi and fell in love with him. Later, in order to protect Chang Yi and block the pursuit of soldiers, she had to say unfeeling words and drive away Chang Yi. Unfortunately, he became the medicine man of the national teacher and suffered extensively during the six years in the dungeon.

Name: Chang Yi

Alias: Big Tail Fish

Sex: Male

Attribute: Prince of Shark Race

Personality: Tsundere, domineering, stubborn, persistent, simple

Role highlights: This role is divided into two periods with different personality attributes. The prince of the Yuren tribe, with a feminine and beautiful appearance in the early stage, a straightforward and simple personality, and a purely persistent affection. Even if he was “harmed” by Ji Yunhe in the later stage and almost lost his life, he still insisted stupidly in the bottom of my heart-my woman, only me” The principle of bullying. In the later period, he was cold, arrogant and domineering, and his personality was unpredictable for others, but he was still simple and cute in Ji Yunhe’s eyes, and he still only looked at Ji Yunhe emotionally.