Alphabet puzzle case

Alphabet puzzle case (When you faintly feel that something is wrong, lethal malice is creeping in)
Alternative name: 字母表谜案
[日] Seiichiro Oyama
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A mysterious apartment where reasoning battles are held from time to time. Black tea and cookies are paired with a chilling mystery. The letters related to the case seem to be important clues. A group of special tenants joined forces to form a detective team to secretly track down the real culprit behind the scenes that the Metropolitan Police Department can hardly locate.

A noble lady who was delusional by poison was killed by poison like a fulfillment? After a mysterious call at midnight, a dead body was discovered in the secret room of the gallery. No one can understand the strange death messages at the murder scene of a luxury cruise ship. The notes of the father of a child who was killed in the kidnapping case are very scary to think between the lines…

The more subtle anomalies, the closer to the truth, the more chilling!

Oyama Seiichiro (Oyama Seiichiro), known as the “God of Short Story Reasoning”, was once a member of the Kyoto University Mystery Research Society. He made his debut in 2004 with the “Alphabet Mystery Case”, and was highly praised in the reasoning circle for his proficient transcendental logic. The following year, he was listed on the Best 10 Best Reasoning List.

Since then, Seiichiro Oyama has successively published “The Chamber of Secrets Collector”, “Proof of Absolute Absence” and “The Museum of Trick”, successively winning various authoritative reasoning awards such as the Bengue Reasoning Award and the Chamber of Secrets Award, and sweeping the three major reasoning lists in Japan.

Seiichiro Oyama’s works are concise, rigorous, and logical, and are known for their “fast-paced, zero-nonsense, and reversal”. They have been praised and loved by countless readers in China. While sticking to the field of inferential reasoning, he constantly innovated, and each work is climbing a new peak in the field of inferential reasoning.