Mars SketchUp plugin

Mars SketchUp plug-in, one-click placement of a large number of boutique models, one-click synchronization of Mars & SketchUp, and one-click synchronization update of SketchUp and Mars perspectives. In addition, you can also use the resource library of Mars agents in SketchUp for scene layout and material replacement.

First, let’s take a look at how to download and install the Mars SketchUp plugin:

  1. Official website-download-plug-in library,

2. Open SketchUP-Window-Extension Manager-Install Extension-Find the downloaded plug-in, select it and open it (SketchUP2017-SketchUP2020 version is required)

Then, how to use the Mars SketchUp plug-in :

  1. Click on the Mars icon to log in to your Mars account;

2. After logging in, there are Mars resource library and model library respectively, and you can use Mars’s own resources and download models ( Note: The own resources are represented as proxy graphics in SU, not what the resources really look like).

  1. To synchronize to Mars, you need to open the Mars project and click Sync (the green boxes are all synchronization buttons, and the plug-in account must be the same as the login account of the Mars client);

Note: Accounts without access rights (the user type is ordinary user/free experience user) cannot open the Mars project and synchronize.

  1. To synchronize the angle of view, click the angle of view synchronization button, and the SU angle of view will be synchronized to Mars with one click.