Open the journal to: I drove a helicopter

Open the journal to: I drove a helicopter
Other names: 开学报到:我开了一架直升机
Author:  Baiyutang
Genre: Novel, Urban Life
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


At the beginning of the freshman year, Lin Chen unexpectedly won the golden finger, completed the system designated tasks, and received super rich rewards! The starting task is to drive the helicopter to report to the school, making a sensation in the whole school! “Congratulations to the host for completing the helicopter report mission and shocking the whole school. He was rewarded with a villa in Yunshuijian, Wang Shui’an.” “The host sent the school flower sister back to school and got a Rolls-Royce Phantom.” “Congratulations to the host… “


Chapter 1 Helicopter Reporting
Chapter 2 Rented Helicopters
Chapter 3 Apology
Chapter 4 Senior Sister Is Shy
Chapter 5 Drank too much
Chapter 6 Waterfront Yaju Yunshuijian