Starfish and lion

Starfish and lion
Other names: 海星与狮子, The Best
Author: Guo Ni
Genre: Novel, Romance Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


“A school is a school, and society is a society!” The unknown future struck without notice. Yes, the ideal age is over for a long time…In this story, I want to express “how real life and youth are”.

Sincerity. youth. Sealed pen.

Special collection: After 3 years, Guo Ni has simultaneously created a handbook of her mentality and journey, savoring campus life with a unique perspective.

Regarding a “campus entertainment talk show” program “Lion Star King”, it is based on the super-red entertainment talk show “Everyday Upward” as the model. “Campus Entertainment Talk Show” “Lion Star King” runs through “Sea Star and Lion 1” : “Guo Ni’X’ beyond the work of “No. 23 Angel Street””. The 17-year-old male protagonist Makino, the host of the campus location in the show, met a group of people with different personalities through the heroine in October. This group of young people like living in a “love apartment” experienced strange things on campus. , Laughter, tragedy, stupid thing, start a sturdy life on the campus of Xiaolei.

“Life is like a play, drama is like life”, no matter whether it is in front of or behind the stage, there is only true love.


Characters Starfish and lion
Prologue, the coin girl arrives
Chapter 1 A detailed work sent by your father
Chapter 2 Drunken Concubine
Chapter 3 The Life of the Princely Party
Chapter 4 Hot Pot Gathering
Chapter 5 A World of Floating Clouds
Chapter 6 The Five Finger Mountain of the Concubine Empress
Chapter 7 Turns out to be a beautiful man
Chapter 8 Seeking justice and sweeping the army
Chapter 9 Repaying the Gift to October
Chapter 10 Sit on the Mountain and Watch the Tiger Fight
Chapter 11 The Healer’s Panacea
Chapter 12 Big Bad Wolf Greetings
Chapter 13 Hange Ge is proud
Chapter 14 Goodbye to the Heartbreaker
Chapter 15 The Dissatisfaction of the Cruel Girl
Chapter 16 Thousand Paper Cranes on the Roof
Chapter 17 See also Donation Door