Qishao is a favorite: my little wife is a big brother

Qishao is a favorite: my little wife is a big brother
Other names: 七少绝宠:我家小妻是大佬
Author:  Secretary Jiu Jiu
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


[Vest + sweet pet + strong male and strong female + pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger] It is rumored that the eldest daughter of the Shen family who has been away for many years has been found back? I heard that she grew up in the mountains, is ignorant, behaves vulgarly, and has a big appetite? Li Xia digs out her ears: Except for the fact that it can be eaten, everything else…hehe! Heir to a genius doctor, the strongest hacker, the champion of archery, the master of cultural relic identification, the boss behind the group… the vest bursts again and again, blinding the eyes! He even transformed himself into the young wife of the world’s richest man, the Mo family! The reporter interviewed the heirs of the Mo family: Qi Shao, his wife is so deeply hidden, is the Mo family’s husband still vigorous? “Husband? The Mo family now only has a wife

Chapter Lists:

Can’t eat this
Savior Li Chunhua
Back to the East China Sea
Meet again
Lie to him again
She doesn’t change her surname
Get off the horse
Division family dinner
Hit it off
Misunderstanding, self-defeating
Missed again
Is he better than dumplings?

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