Actor Shin Shijing leaves her 19-year old club and signs with IU agency EDAM Entertainment

Actor Shin Shijing left Namoo Actors, his agency for 19 years, and signed with IU agency EDAM Entertainment.

Namoo Actors said: “The recent exclusive contract with Shen Shijing has ended” and “The fate that has lasted for 19 years has ended.”

It is reported that Shen Shijing was invited by many planning companies, but finally decided to enter EDAM Entertainment. EDAM Entertainment is a Kakao subsidiary company, and is best known as the IU subsidiary company. The original artist was only IU, but after Shin Shijing joined, the company also had two star stars in the show business.

EDAM Entertainment said to Shin Shijing’s participation: “I am very happy to be able to work with Shin Shijing, an actor who has accumulated solid acting skills over the years.” “Shen Shijing is not only in TV dramas and movies, but also based on various platforms and works to show a broader Acting provides full support”.