Rebirth of Fortune Xiaojun Sister-in-law

Rebirth of Fortune Xiaojun Sister-in-law
Other names: 重生福气小军嫂
Author: Qiqi’s Cat
Genre: Novel, Modern Romance
Release: 2021
Status: 2516


What should I do when I rebirth to 70? Experience a miserable life again?
No, I am in charge of my life from now on, even if my parents interfere, it won’t work.
No problem, young people should receive re-education and leave the best family by the way.
Work hard to read and take the college entrance examination and take a different path in life.
A happy and beautiful life is waiting for us not far ahead.
Ah, who is your handsome soldier brother, are we familiar with it? Why do you have to hold me.
Handsome brother: Daughter-in-law, how can you abandon me, you can’t abandon a good wife and man!