The master master can’t be a mortal

The master master can’t be a mortal
Other names: 掌门师叔不可能是凡人
Author:  Chaos Winter Melon
Genre: Novel, Action
Release: Unknown
Status: Chapter 747 The best spirit treasure, the new conspiracy of the Celestial Clan Ongoing


“The Master Master is just a mortal, but he has a’billion’ point of his own understanding of all kinds of spells.” On the Misty Peak, the sect master is educating the new beginner disciples. At this moment, the head of the head, Ye Feng, held a piece of grass and gently waved it, and his sharp sword aura split the entire sky into two, exposing the unhealable black space cracks, frightening the heavenly gods. The new beginner disciple pointed to the sky in shock: “You told me that the head is just a mortal?”