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After the room reversal wins the first

After the room reversal wins the first
Other names: 继室逆转胜 上, Jishi reversal wins over
Author: Tea Sanshan
Genre: Novel
Release: 2021
Status: Ongoing


He is accustomed to the total trust of all soldiers in the army who put their lives in his hands, but at
this moment , he is totally dependent on a little girl, and he has an indescribable joy.
Could it be that he didn’t regard her as his daughter? Pain, but petting a favorite girl?

As the daughter of criminal officials, after the death of his father, Heng Jiang and his mother went to the uncle’s house. Two months later, the poor mother followed in his father’s footsteps.
At this time, the uncle’s family finally showed greed. The real hideous face!

They not only swallowed the dowry left by her mother, drove her seriously ill to imprisonment in the ruined family temple, and even sent her to a jailer as a concubine, locked in a dark cellar, severely beaten and tortured, she was beaten and tortured in her previous life. She is full of resentment and unwillingness to let go, and she will not wait for them to calculate if she lives again for the rest of her life.

She propped up a sickly body and escaped from the family temple, but on the road she ran into an assassination incident, and she also tried to block an arrow for the besieged man in Chinese clothes. She woke up after being injured. The man was actually the prince, the king of Yan with outstanding military exploits, and the emperor’s younger brother! Now she has become the savior of the Lord of War. In other words, she can walk sideways in the future, right?


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