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The unclean blood vessels may be the cause of the diseases

How do you know if you have damaged blood vessels?

Small vessel disease signs and symptoms include: Chest pain, squeezing or discomfort (angina), which may worsen during daily activities and times of stress. Discomfort in your left arm, jaw, neck, back or abdomen associated with chest pain. Shortness of breath.

The unclean blood vessels may be the cause of the following diseases:

  1. Atherosclerosis is completely stopped: The smaller blood vessels are completely blocked and cholesterol builds up in the larger blood vessels.
  2. Ischemic heart disease: This disease is caused by a persistent lack of blood in the coronary arteries resulting from a blockage of impurities in the arteries.
  3. Stroke: This is caused by a defect in the blood supply to the brain tissue, resulting in the death of nerve endings and the loss of certain functions.
  4. High blood pressure: Dirt in the blood vessels narrows the lumen, which is why blood pressure increases.
  5. Varicose veins: Varicose veins appear on the body, not just the legs. Hemorrhoids are a common cause of hemorrhoids, which are caused by dilatation of the veins.
  6. Veins and artery thrombosis: Waste deposits in the arteries can form blood clots and cause the blood vessels to become inactive. This can lead to the death of other cells throughout the body. If a blocked blood clot breaks loose and enters the bloodstream to clog a blood vessel in the heart That can cause cardiac arrest, which in 70% of cases is followed by death of the patient.

The growth and spread of cardiovascular disease is responsible for four times more deaths than any other cause. Experts recognize that cleaning of the blood vessels is imperative. However, the health authorities have ignored the issue. For the most part of people with high blood pressure only get something that lowers their blood pressure. But for the United States and Europe, they used the method of cleaning blood vessels with people with high blood pressure. Especially with those aged 35-40 for more than half a century and everyone knows that cleaning blood vessels is a must.

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