Chinese medicine classifies COVID-19 as the “plague”

Chinese medicine classifies COVID-19 as the “plague (疫 Yi)”. For thousands of years, it has been a long time that traditional Chinese medicine has been used to combat the epidemic. has accumulated and is rich in many healing experiences Acupuncture and moxibustion are important components of traditional Chinese medicine. which has a unique and unique character in the history of fighting the epidemic of the past. Until there is recorded evidence related to the prevention and treatment of epidemic by acupuncture and fumigation in the ancient texts of Chinese medicine.

During the Tang Dynasty (唐代), Chinese physician Sun Shimiao stated in a textbook. “Bei Ji Qian Jin Yao Fang 《备急千金要方》”: “If you are going to travel to Wu County or a province, you need to do 2-3 fumigation positions. Do not allow the fumigation wound to dry completely. The poison from the plague germs cannot invade the body.”

During the Ming dynasty (明代), Chinese physician Li Shizhen (李时珍) described it in a textbook. “Ben Cao Gangmu 《本草纲目》” said, “When Ai Yue (艾叶) is inhaled, it can penetrate all the meridians. Therefore, all diseases caused by external pathogenic factors can be treated. make the critically ill come back strong again The properties are many.” All clearly recorded that acupuncture and moxibustion can prevent and treat infectious diseases

Current clinical and laboratory research results show that Acupuncture and moxibustion can balance the body’s immune system. Has anti-inflammatory properties anti-infection Quite effective in preventing and treating infectious diseases. When faced with the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 Acupuncture and fumigation of traditional Chinese medicine has been actively involved in prevention and treatment and has been found to be quite effective.

From a more in-depth understanding of COVID-19 viral disease, together with the accumulated experience in the diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and moxibustion Therefore, we have developed a guideline for joint treatment. (Intervention) with acupuncture and fumigation recommended for COVID-19 (2nd revision) for medical personnel to use as a reference as a guideline for acupuncture and fumigation advice for patients while staying at home. Based on the COVID-19 Diagnostic Guidelines (Trial Edition No. 6) and the Guidelines for Rehabilitation of COVID-19, the Rehabilitation Period with Chinese Medicine. (trial version) of the National Health Commission and the General Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.