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Is Tofu Really Useful Or Not?

Soybean milk or soy milk is a beverage made from soybeans. By bringing the soybeans to blend with water and then squeeze the filter out of the waste. May add additional seasoning by adding salt or sugar.

soy milk

Soybean juice contains soy protein. Contains natural fibers that are good for the digestive system. and an important component is isoflavones (Isoflavones) after consuming tofu. The body turns this chemical into phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are similar in structure to estrogen, a female hormone that affects reproductive function and various conditions related to this hormone. In soybean juice, including isoflavones, may be beneficial for health. and may affect the treatment of some illnesses

For this reason, there have been many research studies on the benefits of tofu. To study whether soybean juice is a variety of nutritious beverages or not. Or is it just a scientific and medical hypothesis?

Nutritional value of tofu

Lose weight, lose weight and fat

One study examined the effectiveness of cow’s milk. flavored soy milk and calcium supplements affecting fat reduction in premenopausal women with obesity and overweight found that the consumption of low-fat milk such as flavored soy milk Significantly reduced obesity and abdominal obesity in the experimental sample.

Another trial compared the effectiveness of soy milk and skimmed cow’s milk on blood lipid levels and lipid peroxidation in patients with hypercholesterolemia. The results indicated that soybean juice contributes to the reduction of lipid levels in the blood and the interaction of free radicals with polyunsaturated fatty acids in cell walls. which is good for patients with hyperlipidemia

An experiment to determine the efficacy of lowering cholesterol levels in the body with soy beverages was conducted in a French sample with high blood cholesterol in a moderate-risk group. The results were: Consuming soy beverages containing plant sterol can significantly reduce the level of bad cholesterol (non-HDL and LDL) cholesterol. Soybean juice may help control and reduce lipid levels in patients with high blood cholesterol who are at mild to moderate risk.

bone maintenance

An experiment on the benefits of isoflavone soy milk on quality of life and bone formation in Spanish postmenopausal women. It was found that the consumption of soy milk increased the amount of vitamin D. And help reduce the process of bone breakdown. In addition, the consumption of soy isoflavones more. may improve the quality of life of the sample and increase bone density as well

blood pressure

A trial was conducted to study the effectiveness of soy-based beverages. in terms of nutritional value and its influence on weight loss Soy-based beverages have been found to help lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels. which is the blood pressure when the heart contracts and relaxes In a sample of obese and overweight adolescent females, however, no effect on weight loss was found in this trial. or a significantly reduced waist circumference in any way

Another trial looked at the effects of soy milk consumption on blood pressure levels in people with type 2 diabetes with renal dysfunction. It was found that the consumption of soybean juice had an effect on controlling blood pressure levels in this group of patients.

blood sugar blood insulin levels and digestion

A study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of daily consumption of dairy products and soy milk 30 minutes before meals and with meals in healthy adult subjects. to study the influence on the digestive system Blood sugar and insulin levels. It was found that drinking whole milk, soy and cow’s milk 30 minutes before a meal lowered blood sugar levels after a meal than drinking it with a meal. This approach may be useful for patients at risk of developing diabetes from the consumption of foods with a high GI (Glycemic Index: Glycemic Index), which still needs further research. in order to get clear and useful information in the future

intestinal bacteria

Research into the consumption of fermented soy milk fermented milk may influence intestinal bacteria. The results indicated that Consuming fermented soy milk fermented milk significantly increases the number of beneficial bacteria in the small intestine (Probiotics), which is beneficial for the intestines and digestive system.

oxidative stress from free radicals

Numerous studies have shown the effectiveness of soybean juice and soy products. One study also supports the benefits of soy protein. But presented in a different way is a trial in which patients with the metabolic syndrome (Metabolic Syndrome) consume as little as 25 grams of soy protein daily. The result is that the experimental group consumed 25 grams of soy protein daily. for 90 days, no side effects were found in this trial. It is also useful in the treatment of reducing blood sugar levels and increasing good cholesterol (HDL) in patients with metabolic syndrome.

beliefs or assumptions that have not been proven

inflammatory process

From research on the consumption of soybeans associated with inflammatory processes. blood coagulation and oxidative stress of free radicals in type 2 diabetic patients with renal dysfunction. It was found that consuming soybean juice may reduce serum d-dimer levels, an indicator of blood clotting. But there was no indication of efficacy in relieving inflammation and oxidative stress from free radicals.

breast tissue density

In one study studying the effectiveness of isoflavones. Which is expected to affect the body like the female hormone estrogen. An experiment was conducted to study the density of breast tissue from mammograms or mammograms in a group of postmenopausal women. However, there is no evidence to suggest that dietary isoflavones can reduce the density of breast tissue in mammograms.

flexibility of the walls of blood vessels

To determine the effectiveness of soy protein with isoflavones in relation to vascular wall flexibility in postmenopausal women. There is no evidence to support that isoflavones in soy protein have any effect on vascular wall flexibility.

Eating soybeans and soy foods as a substitute for other foods

Does soybean provide more energy ? No, in terms of how much energy your body uses on a daily basis. From the experiment to determine the energy value of meat diet compared to diet made from soybean, it was found that the breakdown of protein from meat and soybean provide no significant difference in energy Only the rate of oxidation in the breakdown of protein from meat. will be less than from soy protein The protein from meat may help in building more muscle mass.
Is it less fat accumulation? No. In a trial comparing dairy protein ready meals with soy protein in terms of effectiveness in reducing the accumulation of fat in the body. It was found that milk protein was superior in reducing body fat accumulation compared to soy protein.
Safety of Soybean and Soy Milk Consumption

general consumer

  1. Consuming foods that contain soy or soy protein, including soybean juice in moderation will not cause harm to consumers
  2. Consuming soy protein in the form of a soybean supplement is not harmful. If consumed continuously for a short period of time, not more than 6 months, but if consumed continuously for a long time It can cause side effects that can lead to major health problems.
  3. Drinking soy milk or only soy milk regularly as a replacement for other foods. It can lead to malnutrition, especially in children. Because consumers do not receive other nutrients that are essential for the body in sufficient quantities.
  4. Drinking soybean juice and eating soy can cause health side effects in some cases, such as constipation, bloating, nausea, or allergic reactions. such as a rash, swollen face, redness, etc., which those who experience side effects after consumption You should see your doctor for a checkup.
  5. who should be especially careful when consuming

Children. Soy consumption is safe when taken as a beverage or food in moderation. In some people who are allergic to milk powder made from cow’s milk. Your doctor may recommend consuming soy milk powder instead. But soy milk must not be given to infants under 6 months of age, as this increases the risk of soy allergy in the child.

Pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding Soy is safe to consume as a beverage or food in moderation. But it can be dangerous if consumed in other forms for therapeutic purposes. Avoid consuming too much tofu or soybeans. To prevent harm to babies

patients due to health factors People who are sick or have underlying medical conditions should be extremely careful when consuming any type of food. Including the consumption of tofu as well, so if in doubt whether drinking tofu or other foods made from soybeans will affect their symptoms or not. Patients should always inquire and consult a doctor before consuming. To prevent health problems and possible side effects such as

Breast cancer and endometrial cancer Because isoflavones in soy are similar to the female hormone estrogen. Therefore, it may have an effect in breast cancer patients. or those who have family members with breast cancer And the consumption of soy in dietary supplement form may increase the risk of precancerous changes in uterine tissue. endometrial cancer patients and those who have a family history of being sick with these diseases Soy foods should be avoided. to prevent the risk of cancer spreading

bladder cancer Soy foods increase the risk of developing cancer cells in both bladder cancer patients. and those with a family history of bladder cancer

Kidney failure if the level of phytoestrogens in the blood is too high. may cause poisoning Dangerous for renal failure patients

Kidney stones. Consuming foods made from soybeans. Soybean-based foods may increase the risk of kidney stones from excessive accumulation of oxalates. People with a history of kidney stones should avoid excessive consumption of soy foods.

Diabetes. Soy can affect blood sugar levels in people with diabetes too low. which is at risk of health problems that may occur as a result

Genetic disease cystic fibrosis. Patients with this disease should not consume soy milk. This is because substances in soybean juice may affect the protein transformation process involved in this disease.

Asthma. People with asthma may have an allergic reaction to soy husks. Therefore, should avoid consuming foods made from soybeans.

Hay fever or allergic rhinitis There is a chance of developing an allergic reaction to foods made from soybeans and soy husks.

Cow ‘s milk allergy. People who are allergic to cow’s milk are more likely to be allergic to soy milk or soy milk. Therefore, you should always be careful when consuming.

Consuming soybean juice in the right amount

Even consuming foods that contain soy, or contain soy protein, including soybean juice in the right amount are not harmful. But consumers should study their health factors well before drinking tofu or not. And how much should you drink? Different soy foods contain different amounts of protein and nutrients from soybeans. For example, a cup of soybean juice may contain about 30 milligrams of isoflavones. However, consumers are advised to choose food and beverages. variously In order to receive nutrients that will promote health in its entirety

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