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The cause of dermatitis is caused by wind

The cause of dermatitis is caused by wind (风邪致病), in which the wind can directly cause disease. or may cause disease in combination with other external pathogenic factors while our pores are not completely closed and Wei Qi The protective chi (chi that protects the body) is weakened, and the wind penetrates the skin. causing inconvenient qi and blood circulation The skin lacks nourishment. resulting in a skin disease Distinctive features of dermatitis caused by wind Often have the following symptoms:

  • rapid disease progression rash The location of the rash or itching changes back and forth.
  • Occurs in the whole body But most often it is the head and face. The skin is dry, peeling, painful, itchy. The most common symptoms are hives, blisters, peeling skin, or dandruff. When the cold will stimulate the symptoms. Thin white tongue, tight floating pulse, often caused by cold wind If the lesion is red When exposed to heat, it stimulates and causes symptoms. Thin yellow tongue, fast floating pulse, often caused by hot wind.

herbs used for proper healing

  1. Fang Feng (防风): Spicy, sweet, slightly warm. Enter the meridian, liver, spleen, bladder. Properties Distribute the air that comes from the outside, drive moisture, relieve pain, suppress convulsions.
  2. Chrysanthemum / Zhuhua (菊花) Spicy, sweet, bitter taste, slightly cooling effect. into the lung and liver meridians.
    Properties Distribute the hot air that comes from the outside. Calms the liver, helps to see more clearly.
  3. Bohe (薄荷) Spicy flavor, cold effect, enters the lung and liver meridians.
    Properties Distribute the hot air that comes from the outside. Relieve dizziness, drive rashes, reduce irritation to the eyes and throat. feel relaxed
    proper diet food to eat
    Mulberry leaf tea, ginger, garlic (ripe), grapes, magnolia flower tea, duckweed tea
    Additional advice
  4. Each herbal medicine has different hot and cold effects. Before use or before eating should be examined or advised by a Chinese doctor who has direct experience in specialized treatment.
  5. Avoid being directly affected by the wind for a long time, such as turning on the fan, etc.
  6. Some herbal medicines can cause profuse sweating. Not suitable for people with a depleted body type. or should eat less
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