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What is Palpitation?

“Palpitation” when the heart rate or rhythm is abnormal. They were aware of the disorder along with symptoms of anxiety, restlessness, and slight palpitations. It may be caused by sudden shock or excessive force. Chinese doctors consider severe palpitations to be caused by internal organ problems.

The science of traditional Chinese medicine analyzes the causes and mechanisms of disease as follows:

Disturbance of the mind” (heart qi and gallbladder depletion)
Depressed people often experience palpitations when they are shocked by loud noises. the unexpected or an environment that feels unsafe Emperor Wangdi’s Physician Scriptures, Su Wen Region, Chapter 19, said, “Shock caused Qi to rest, because the heart was unstable and firm, Shen had no anchor, and her thoughts were unorganized.”

Other factors that cause palpitations include accumulation of phlegm. Repressed and angry emotions The stomach acts volatile. and the fire flew up frightened and shocked Restlessness, anxiety, dreaming so much that it interferes with sleep, loss of appetite, pale tongue, white or red tongue, sticky yellow lining
in the case of heat eels Tongue has a yellow-sticky blemish. and the pulse is slippery – fast

The fear made the Qi flow confused. The shock caused Qi to flow down. Distractions can make you unable to control yourself. therefore causing palpitations frightened and easily frightened Dreams that interfere with sleep, restlessness, restlessness The tongue has some white patches. the pulse is quite fast Shows that it is caused by a restless mind. The tongue has a sticky yellow coating. pulse – fast indicative of heat

Insufficiency of qi and blood
(heart and spleen deficiencies), chronic disease, debilitating condition, blood loss or overthinking, damage to the heart and spleen as well as hindering the formation of qi and blood His qi and blood were not able to provide enough nourishment to the heart. affecting the stability of Shen. palpitations

Dull face, dizzy, blurred vision, shallow breathing, fatigue.
Pale tongue, tooth marks, weak pulse, threadlike or irregular, heart palpitations caused by a lack of qi and blood that are unable to provide enough nourishment to the heart. His face was dull due to lack of Qi and blood. The numbness was caused by insufficient Qi and blood supply to the brain. The heart controls blood and blood vessels. open anus on the tongue When the qi and blood are depleted, the tongue is pale and has teeth marks. The pulse was as light as a thread. or irregular dancing

“Excessive fire caused by the depletion condition”, the depletion of the fire (Hyperactivity of fire due to yin deficiency)

Destruction of Intai from excessive sexual intercourse or exhaustion deteriorating from a disease that has been ill for a long time Causing the kidney water to not be able to control the heart fire The incoordination of the heart and kidneys, together with the aggravation of fire, interferes with Shen, causing palpitations. Restless, restless, sleepless, dizzy, blurry eyes, ringing in the ears, red tongue, little blemish, pulse small, thread-fast.

Intai is so depleted that it cannot control the heart’s fire. make the mind unsettled palpitations insomnia, restless when the input is depleted The yang therefore acts over the upper part of the body. Dizziness, ringing in the ears, red-tinted tongue and small-fast pulse. It is a manifestation of Yang acting too much because of In.

Retention of harmful fluid” – Retention of harmful fluid caused by “decreased heart yang” or depletion of spleen and kidney yang Affects the heart, causing palpitations, palpitations, clear mucus phlegm. Tight in the chest and tongue, exhaustion, cold arms and legs, tongue covered with white frosting, pulse slippery, tense like a wire.

In cases where the yang of the spleen and kidney is deficient will have less urine Thirsty but doesn’t want to drink water The tongue is white-slick, the pulse is deep, fast, and tense like a wire. The remaining dangerous liquid would press on the heart yang. As a result, Yang Qi was unable to nourish the limbs and became cold and exhausted. White tongue and slippery-tight pulse indicate dangerous fluid.

The weak qi flow caused by the yang of the spleen and kidneys is depleted, resulting in less urine output. Thirsty but doesn’t want to drink water The tongue has a white coating – slippery. A deep-tensioned pulse indicates that the yang of the spleen and kidneys is depleted and fluid retention. The rapid pulse from the heart yang decreased.

Treatment of palpitations in traditional Chinese medicine with acupuncture
Chinese medicine will select a point on the heart meridian. pericardial meridian Front-Mu and Back-Shu of the heart are the main points.

If caused by a restless state of mind, use the same method of stimulating the needle. (Ping Pu Pingxia) to calm the heart

If qi and blood are depleted, stimulate nourishing needles to nourish the heart and calm Shen.

In the case of excessive fire from insufficiency, use a combination of stimulation methods, both nourishing and draining at some points.

In case of residual dangerous liquid, stimulate for draining first and then stimulate nourishment or combine with fumigation to warm Yang and dissolve dangerous liquid.

Heart palpitations: Chinese medicine can treat both palpitations from anxiety and palpitations from cardiac arrhythmias.

Acupuncture treatment Should be under the supervision of a Chinese doctor with a certificate in the practice of the arts. and clearly check the history.

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