Check the prohibition! Before the ‘vaccination’

Those who are preparing to vaccinate the “vaccination”, check that first. What are the “bans”? What drugs have to be stopped? Sick with any disease, etc. to prevent side effects that may occur
Sinovac vaccine It is the vaccine that most people are expected to have in the early stages. Bamrasnaradura Institute has recommendations for those who will be vaccinated with Sinovac. to avoid unwanted side effects that may occur from the following vaccinations

Recommendations for people taking certain medications

1) Migraine drug group

cafergot / avamigran / tofago recommend refrain from taking the drug 5 days before vaccination.

Tripan, such as relpax, recommends refraining from taking the drug 24 hours before vaccination.

2) Antidepressant group

SSRIs such as fluoxetin, sertralin, escitalopram

SNRIs such as venlafaxine, duloxetine

Tricyclic antidepressant, eg amitriptyline, nortriptyline, imipramine.

It is recommended to refrain from medication 24 hours before vaccination.

3) Nasal Reducing Drugs

For example, pseudoephedrine recommends discontinuing the medication 24 hours prior to vaccination.

4) Other drug groups

Hemp oil, nicotine patches , supplements and herbs

It is recommended to refrain from taking medication 3-5 days before vaccination

Recommendations before vaccination (for the general public )

1) Drink lots of water and get enough rest.

2) Avoid tea , coffee , cigarettes , energy drinks , alcoholic beverages.

Recommendations for people who should postpone vaccinations

1) Postpartum women with normal pregnancies of less than 6 weeks , postpartum women with complications during pregnancy, especially pre-eclampsia for more than 6 weeks.

2) People with the following history for a period of less than 3 months

  • injuries of the head ( Head Injury).
  • coronary heart disease
  • cerebrovascular disease

3) People with neurological and brain diseases who have had unstable or poorly controlled symptoms for at least 4 weeks

Tips for preparing

1) If you have a history of being infected with COVID- 19 Wait 3 months for complete recovery and then come in for vaccinations.

2) If you are at risk of contracting COVID- 19 Must be tested and must self-quarantine for 14 days prior to vaccination.

3) If you have a fever or sickness during 2 weeks, postpone the date for vaccination.

4) If you have a history of taking blood clot-dissolving drugs such as aspirin or warfarin , take the medication as usual. do not stop the drug And please inform the staff when receiving the vaccine.

5) If you have a history of drug allergy Food allergy or vaccination should notify the staff when vaccinating.

6) If you recently had the flu vaccination Let the vaccination intervals be spaced about 1 month apart.

7) If you have a medical condition such as diabetes, high blood pressure, take the medicine as usual. control the disease to be within the normal range It is advisable to consult your personal doctor. And please inform the staff at the history taking point again.

8) For all those who come to vaccinate get enough rest

Recommendations for people who have previously been vaccinated There are guidelines as follows.

1) If influenza vaccination has been vaccinated for 1 month, then inject Sinovac ( starting needle 1 and needle 2)

2) If vaccinated with Sinovac ( 2 doses completed ), leave 1 month before influenza vaccination.

3) If AstraZeneca is vaccinated, then leave 1 month before influenza vaccination and then leave 1 month before AstraZeneca ( start with 1st and 2nd dose )

3) For those who are already infected with COVID If you want to be vaccinated, have a 3 month interval.

The following cases cannot be vaccinated.

1) quarantine for less than 14 days

2) People who test for COVID while waiting for results

3) Those who have recovered from COVID less than 3 months

4) being sick with any disease