Rebirth group pet: Miss A bursts

Rebirth group pet: Miss A bursts
Other names: 重生团宠:大小姐她A爆了
Author: Nan Jian
Genre: Novel, Detective
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


After the rebirth, Bai Ruowei, the eldest of the Bai family, is still the “myth” of Tongcheng. She is unlearned, ugly, and vulgar. Brother: You say my sister is ugly? I really sympathize with your blindness at a young age. Second brother: dare to say that my sister has a dark heart? Seeing that you look like black briquettes, the black people are also black. Third brother: You say my sister is vulgar? Teach you every minute to re-behave. Fourth brother: yes yes yes! Brother Fifth: I agree with the views of the above-mentioned Xiongtai. Sixth brother: Dare to mention my sister? You deserve it too? Seventh brother: quietly sent the person who slandered his sister to the “big prison”. Ninth brother: My sister is the most beautiful in the world and does not accept any rebuttal. The fights of others are counted by the person, and the fights of the Bai family are counted by the group. President Huo Da affectionately: Weiwei, will you marry me? The eldest brother waved his hand: brothers, give it to me! !

Chapter Lists:

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