Reckless man begging for joy

Reckless man begging for joy
Other names: 莽夫求欢, One of the restless bridesmaids asks for love, Reckless Husband
Author: Mo Yan
Genre: Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Song Xinning entered the Golden Sword Sect to practice martial arts at the age of seven. Instead of becoming a martial girl, she became a maiden to marry. She married into the Taiwei’s mansion not for love. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how her husband treats her and treats her like a guest.
Unexpectedly, this hakama Husband is muddled, but very shrewd, will her secrets not be discovered?

Song Xinning decided to withdraw from the arena and go home to marry!
Although it is too young to quit the rivers and lakes at the age of twenty, she is already an older leftover woman in terms of marriage.
Cheng father eager for power, glory for the girl, she married into the cave wolf, she did not care;
in-laws downright, wives against each other, relatives trifled with, she would not mind;

husband playboy reputation, Chihepiaodu, she It didn’t matter,
she didn’t marry for the purpose of helping her husband or child, but to provide food and shelter, and to be served by someone.
Speaking of Zheng Mansion, other good family women simply shy away from it, but to her,
Zheng Mansion is basically a fairy cave mansion that has everything to eat, stay away from the rivers and lakes, and enjoy leisurely days!

Unfortunately, the inadequacy is that the husband who thinks she is old, not beautiful enough, thinks her family is poor,
suddenly asks her to fulfill her husband and wife obligations
. Still happy to be tired, it’s ridden with evil spirits!

“Don’t think I dare not kill you.” She threatened with a knife gloomily.
The husband was full of blood, smiled affectionately at her, and sincerely suggested-
“Killing me is too troublesome, and it will bring trouble to the Song
family . Why don’t you let me last time, and I won’t bother you.” Song Xinning’s face twitched and her forehead had blue veins. She really wants to kill this neurosis…


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