Forgetting effect

Forgetting effect
Alternative name: 遺忘效應, Obscura
Joe. Hart
European and American Science Fiction, Fantasy Novels
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352 pages


“Interstellar Effect” Survival X “Six Funerals in Space” The secret room kills people

on a spaceship that looks like a secret room . Which is more terrifying ,
the maliciousness of others, or your own demon?

«”The Duplicate of Life” author Crouch praised: “A genius of science fiction!”
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« “This is not just a sci-fi story, but more like a thriller movie. In the seemingly desperate lonely space, there is a heroine who refuses to give up and perseveres.” ─ “The New York Review of Books”

When all the evidence points to you Is it the murderer, is
this a conspiracy of others, or is it a real impulse?

A new type of dementia, “Roche’s disease”, is spreading around the world. The cause is unknown, the symptoms are serious, and the infected people are regardless of age. Gillian, an expert on Roche’s disease, is at the forefront, vowing to find a cure-the disease has taken her husband away and is now eroding her daughter’s mind step by step.

Just as she lost her funds, the invitation from the NASA team fell from the sky. She will receive unlimited research funding, provided that she must leave her sick daughter and go to the space station. There, the crew suffered from psychiatric symptoms similar to Roche’s disease, memory loss, distracted attention, and uncontrollable violent tendencies.

Originally thought that going to the space station was just for experimental research, Gillian fell into a well-designed trick. Unexplainable footsteps, door openings, and crowds of people continued to haunt her; at the same time, she found herself beginning to experience auditory hallucinations and hallucinations. Who is planning what conspiracy? Or is everything just my own delusion? When the real purpose of the space project came to light, what awaited her were even more terrifying human secrets…

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“Joe Hart is an amazing genius. It can be seen from “The Forgetting Effect” that his narrative skills have reached a new level. This is a frightening work of science fiction, full of horror and fear, but this book is the most The important thing is actually to explore the “mind.” I read this book quickly, and I can’t stop it, I believe you will do the same.” ── “The Copy of Life” author Blake. Crouch

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