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Separate or not, who is rich and who is poor…?

Separate or not, who is rich and who is poor…?
Can you separate who is handsome and who is beautiful…?
Can you tell who is smart and who is stupid…?
Can you separate who is good and who is bad…?
Separated, who drives the Benz, who rides the bus…?
Separate or not, who lives in the condo? Who’s in the rental house?
Separate or not, who has the rank? What position do you have?
Separate, who’s the boss, who’s the employee?

when dead
at the end of breath
when the timer expires
We are all… all the same.

Hate each other to death This is the last one
how much pounding The last is the same
Compete with each other, win or lose, just imaginary.
life is like this

Finally, we must fall apart
In the end, we are all equal.

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