Wu Yifan may have to pay a large amount of compensation

Wu Yifan may have to pay a large amount of compensation. to companies that he has contracts due to negative news issues.

Currently, he has the highest contract value at 15 million / year, down from last year’s 20 million.
Companies and agencies that have contracts with him are in trouble. such as the Pin Memo series that almost despaired about being released If changing actors or using filming techniques Builders have to pay huge costs.

Because of this risk Prosecutors from the Beijing Law Office said: Most contracts therefore contain provisions for artists to behave in a manner that is not morally appropriate. “An artist cannot be suspected of an illegal crime. prostitution or violation of public order and good traditions When such terms are violated and affect the image of the brand. The contract stipulates that the artist is clearly liable for breaches of the contract and the merchant. We reserve the right to terminate the contract unilaterally.”

where compensation for damages will not exceed the total amount in the contract
However, it depends on the details in the contract. and mediation agreement

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