Discord and the era of online classes during the covids

How are online learning and Discord related? I can say that very few children these days do not know the program or application Discord. how is it important First of all, it’s a free communication program. whether playing games Talk to each other which the first round of covid Someone has already shared on social media that Students teach teachers to use Discord for online teaching. which can be separated into rooms

Many modern teachers probably know this program. And in order to be easily accessible to children, Discord answers many questions. can turn on the camera to talk in that server. How good is it? We will raise all the advantages that we think are all in teaching endeavors.

Create a classroom on the same server, just create a room and name it like. -Good sound quality and camera.

  • There is music to listen to. Teaching will not be too stressful.
  • Kids of this generation are already skilled at using discs. easy to access
  • Can both chat rooms or text rooms, leave documents for downloading
  • Unlimited people entering the server