Grammar: Summary of English word order

Many people are confused about word order in English, especially when multiple adjectives are placed in front of a noun. You may be confused as to which adjectives should be. stay first Which word should be after Therefore, we will bring the rules to a simple summary for the younger ones to remember to use as follows.

English word order

No. 1 Pointing word includes 3 types of words: Articles such as a, an, the
Demonstrative Adjectives such as this, that, these, those
Possessive Adjectives such as my, your, her, his

No. 2 Quantity includes 3 types of words:

Ordinal number: first, second, third
Cardinal number: two, three, four
Indefinite adjectives: some, many, few, a lot of

No. 3 Size is a word denoting size, such as small, big, large, tall.

No. 4 Quality is a word that tell the quality of a thing as good, beautiful, bad

No. 5 Color is a word that describes the color such as black, white, blue

No. 6 Nationality is that nationality, such as Thai, French, German, respectively.

No. 7 place Material is a word that describes a type of material such as leather, silk, cotton

No. 8 Noun is a noun we refer to such as car, purse, shirt

Example sentences

These two big beautiful black French leather belts.