Do Goguryeo people fish?

Fishing and hunting industry. Fishing and hunting are two ancient production sectors. After the Goguryeo people established their political power, these two types of production still occupy an important position in providing the Goguryeo people with their daily needs. (Historical Records of the Three Kingdoms” about the King of Goguryeo moved from Huei Shenggucheng to Zhuwei Liu’li Nayan City, which reflects this situation: the 21st year of King Lili (AD 2) in the spring and March of the Jiao Yi “Wai Yi” , The officer in charge hunted down to Wei Nayan (in the north of Ji’an City today), where “the mountains and rivers are deep and dangerous, the land is suitable for five grains, and there are many products of moose deer and fish snails.”

After returning, he gave advice to the king of Lili:” If the king moves the capital, it will not only benefit the people, but also avoid the dangers of military revolution… The king of September looks at the terrain like a country.” He moved the capital to the country the following year and built Wei Nayan City.

① From the perspective of writing, the fishing and hunting industry is second only to agriculture in providing food and clothing for the Goguryeo people. Other data further confirmed this analysis. From the perspective of fisheries, (The Story of the Three Kingdoms: Koguryo Biography” “Xiahu” supplies not only “rice food” but also “fish salt” to “everyone”, which is one of them. Second, Ji’an City Museum The collection of the Goguryeo tomb relics excavated in 1984 is only “forty-one iron fish hooks unearthed from the Yushan Tomb area” YM3283; more than 250 pieces of pottery net pendants, of which 167 are complete.”

②From the perspective of hunting industry, there is a record of the Goguryeo kings often going out of the city to hunt in the “Historical Records of the Three Kingdoms”; (The History of the Three Kingdoms specifically mentions that “the palace is powerful and brave, and is good at hunting and shooting”. It best illustrates that the hunting industry is in Goguryeo society. Evidence of its status in the economy and its long duration is that in the murals of Goguryeo tombs from the 4th to 6th centuries, there are seven hunting pictures. The pictures are a reflection of real life. The history of this period “Wei Shu· “The Biography of Goguryeo” has its people “clothes, silks and skins”.

“Sui Shu · Goryeo” has “Everyone’s skin crown” can be confirmed. These hunting pictures tell us that the Goguryeo people’s hunting tools are bows, spears, and hunting dogs. Falcon, hunting methods include single hunting, sneak attack, two-person attack, multi-person round-up, hunting by hounds, etc. The hunting forms include horseback riding and walking. The hunting objects include wild boars, deer, squirrels, rabbits, tigers, bears, and pheasants. And all kinds of birds. These are beasts and birds with edible meat and skin.