How about the development of science and technology in Goguryeo period

During the Han Dynasty, Goguryeo already had a large number of iron farm tools and iron weapons. During the Southern and Northern Dynasties, Sui and Tang Dynasties, Goguryeo had been able to manufacture and equip a large number of heavy cavalry with iron armor.

Goguryeo’s fortification technology has built a large number of mountain cities. In Liaoning and Jilin provinces in China alone, there are more than 100 Goguryeo mountain cities. There are also a large number of Goguryeo Mountain Castles in North Korea and South Korea.

Goguryeo once created a glorious history. A large number of its main historical relics exist in China’s Jilin Province and Liaoning Province, which have become irreplaceable physical witnesses of this period of history, and have important historical and cultural values. Among them, the royal city, royal tombs and noble tombs are more precious. Wunushan Mountain Fortress is the first capital created by Goguryeo. It has a large scale, complete system and relatively complete preservation.

There are many important architectural sites, life and military relics of early Goguryeo in the city, with rich cultural connotations. Wunushan Mountain City has made great breakthroughs and innovations in terms of site selection, wall construction, and stone processing. Thus formed an extraordinary form of mountain city. From here on, the Goguryeo nation gradually expanded its scope of activities, and after more than 700 years, it has created a distinctive culture.

The domestic city and Marudu Mountain Fortress (the first name is Weinayan Fortress) were the capitals of the early and mid Goguryeo (1-5th century AD). It is characterized by the fact that the plains and the hills are mutually dependent on each other as the capital. Among the medieval castle sites in Northeast Asia, Inner City and Marutoyama Castle are masterpieces of capital architecture.

The preserved city walls of the domestic city are still solid and solid, yet beautiful and solemn, and the city style still exists. The layout of Maruto Mountain Castle is cleverly conceived and planned due to the trend of the mountain shape, realizing the integration of natural features and human creation. The remains of the palace site revealed through archaeological excavations can still show the grandeur of the original building.