What phone does Qiao Jingjing use in “You Are My Glory”

You are my glory Qiao Jingjing, what phone does it use? After ten years, Qiao Jingjing and Yu Tu became acquainted again because of a game. Every time Qiao Jingjing focused on playing games with his mobile phone, it looked so charming. I wanted to own the same mobile phone immediately! Just don’t know what Qiao Jingjing’s phone model is?

Qiao Jingjing’s mobile phone should be Huawei P40, and the mobile phone case should be a diamond-shaped mobile phone case. After all, Huawei also has a sub-brand, Huawei Honor, which exactly echoes the name of the TV series. In the 8 episodes aired, the plot has been centered on Qiao Jingjing learning the game on the way, and the pair of classmates who have not seen in 10 years are slowly regaining their original feelings, even though the “rookie” Qiao Jingjing still maintains the feeling of first love in his heart. , Looking for all kinds of opportunities to create a two-person world, but the cold Yu Tu seems to be unaware, which can make the audience anxious enough.

It is worth mentioning that “You are My Glory” is unambiguous when showing the game plot. The various special effects are dazzling, and the scenes are switched frequently. Many viewers can’t wait to rush into the TV and grab Qiao Jingjing’s mobile phone, and cooperate well. Have a game on Yutu. Of course, for many rookie audiences, they also saw his own “clumsy” operation from Qiao Jingjing, and understood the anxiousness and helplessness of his teammates. This kind of highly substituting plot design quickly produced the audience. resonance.

In fact, there will be some small quarrels between normal couples, but I still want to watch some sweet plots after the drama. I really look forward to the plot more and more. Let’s hurry up and throw sugar. You are my glory. Qiao Jingjing’s mobile phone model should be Huawei p40. Fans can get the same model.